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Green Party’s Hugh Giordano to speak at anti-war event

Posted in News on Feb 27, 2011

Green Party’s Hugh Giordano to speak at anti-war event

SPEAK OUT!  Against wars and cutbacks
Saturday, March 12
1:00 until 4:30 pm

Friends Center
1501 Cherry Street

Joe Lombardo, United National Antiwar Coalition, concerning the National Peace Mobilization on April 9
Fara Mokhtareizadeh on Afghanistan

Panel 1
Jessica James (Egypt)
Marty Harrison (PASNAP)
Wafai Diaz (Students for Justice in Palestine)
Abdus Sabur (Askia Sabur Coalition)
Leila Duka (Fort Dix 5)

Discussion Interval

Panel 2
Marge van Cleef (Cost of War)
Iris Marie Bloom (Protect our Waters)
Hugh Giordano (Green Party)
Aaron Gerwer (PFT, personal capacity)

Discussion Interval

We need jobs, education and healthcare, not more wars. We say bring the troops and war dollars home now, and rebuild the economy here.

Sponsored by Philly against War,, and the Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting

For more information please call 267-994-9448 or email

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