Deciding Whether to Register Green


  • Registering Green allows you to vote in internal Green Party elections.  Only registered Greens can help decide who our next Green Party of Philadelphia City Committee will be.  
  • Registering Greens allows you to vote to endorse Green Party candidates.  Right now, Pennsylvania allows only the Republicans and Democrats to hold primaries. Instead of selecting our candidates through a primary, we hold a special endorsement meeting to decide which individuals will go on to the November election as the official "Green Party" endorsed candidates.
  • Registering Green sends a potent message to the major parties that you disapprove of politics as usual. As they say, "vote with your feet" by walking toward the Green Party and away from the two corporate parties. #GreenEnter
  • Registering Green helps us stay in touch with you.  (Though you can still sign up on our mailing list without changing your party registration.)
  • Registering Green builds toward having Green primaries in Pennsylvania. Right now, Pennsylvania allows only the Republicans and Democrats to hold primaries. When the Green Party has 15% of registered voters, the state will conduct a Green Party primary. 
  • Registering Green is a way to demonstrate that your values match the 10 Key Values of the Green Party.


  • You can’t vote in a Democratic or Republican primary while registered Green. However, it is possible to switch registration whenever you like. For example, you might register as a Democrat in order to vote in the Democratic primary for District Attorney, and then immediately switch back to Green afterwards.