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    Reflections on George Floyd Anniversary

    By Justin Bell, member of the Green Party of Philadelphia City Committee

    I was sitting in traffic today on Roosevelt boulevard when the verdict came in: Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murdering George Floyd.  When I heard it I had trouble processing it.  It wasn’t until my wife called me crying because she couldn’t believe it was real, that I started to believe it was real.  After I got off I looked around to see if any other cars were listening or having reactions.  I was disappointed that everyone looked miserable and wasn’t honking.  For a moment I felt victorious.  Overwhelmed by the power of the people who refused to get out of the way when the police told them to move.  I saw two older ladies flanked by the National Guard during the height of COVID.  One pushing the other in a wheelchair.  They had put themselves in a situation of great risk and they had won.

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    Green Party Stands with #BAmazon Workers


    [These remarks were given on March 20, 2021, by Hillary Kane, Green Party of Philadelphia Treasurer, at a rally in support of Amazon workers trying to unionize in Bessemer, AL. Pictured above are rally organizer and Green Party member Asantewaa Nkrumah-Ture (left) and Green Party members Charles Sherrouse and Hillary Kane holding the GPOP banner at the rally (right).]

    Thank you to the organizers of today’s march and rally for allowing me to speak.  I represent the Green Party, an independent political party.  The Green Party often co-sponsors rallies such as these, joining in the fight for better working conditions, but we rarely get invited to share the podium because of deep seated fears of independent politics.  Politics that doesn’t go along with the status quo - the two-party system, or in this city, let’s be real -- a one-party system.

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