Greens welcome the new year of metal and the rat

On the second new moon after the winter solstice, Saturday January 25th the outgoing yin year of earth pig (己亥,  jǐ hài) begets the yang year of metal rat (庚子  gēng zǐ).  This transition is the beginning of the fourth 12 year zodiac cycle of the sexagenary lunar calendar.  The last year of yang metal rat was in 1960.

The Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP) will mark the new year with a protest against saber rattling and provocations toward war with Iran. The noon rally at Dilworth Plaza on the West side of City Hall <> is among hundreds of local actions called for the 25th by CodePink <>, United National Antiwar Coalition, the Green Party of Pennsylvania, and dozens of other peace organizations.

Yang metal years are associated with evening, dryness, white, contracting and age.  These are in tension with the rat's association
with offspring, birth, water, green and growth.  "This tension can symbolize the waning of the old order of militarism, empire and exploitation, giving way to a new generation intent on peace, social justice and ecology." said Charles Sherrouse, GPOP membership secretary.

The Greens will continue celebrating the new year with their monthly general meeting at 7 PM Thursday, January 30th at Lee Cultural Center on Haverford Avenue, at 44th Street in West Philly <>.  The meeting will open nominations for the GPOP City Committee to be elected next month.  Other business includes adding members to the organizing, communications and electoral committees; as well as planning for their ballot access petition launch in February, a public forum in March, and the local Green Party Presidential Caucus in April.

Qualities traditionally associated with yang metal (庚 gēng) years include persistence, determination, patience, organization, and transformation.  Characteristics associated with rat (子 zǐ) years include optimism, practicality, intelligence, sensitivity, and conservation.  These themes might be observed throughout the year.  "The association of gold and generosity with metal combined with the association of gold and thrift with the rat could indicate a good time invest in ones values," suggests GPOP Chair Belinda Davis.

The Green Party will strive to incorporate the best of these traits into their activities to advance the four pillars of social justice, ecology, nonviolence and grassroots democracy.  For more information, please contact 215-843-4256, <[email protected]>,
<> or <>.