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Posted in GPOP Quarterly Reports to GPPA, News on Jan 27, 2018

Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP) Bimonthly Report to the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA), January 21, 2018
Since November 18, 2017, the Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP) has held only one membership meeting. GPOP is now in the process of electing a new leadership.
The one meeting was our November General Membeship Meeting. Ten members participated, and two visitors. We celebrated the election of GPOP leader Olivia Faison as inspector of elections at her polling place. (Two additional GPOP members were also elected to office, but we did not know about their elections at the time of the meeting.)
The GPOP membership began its annual process of electing a new City Committee (think “steering committee”) by calling for nominations. Nominations will remain open until the February Meeting.
Since the last GPPA Meeting, GPOP has posted no News Releases, but the Philadelphia Party did issue a call for candidates to run as Greens during 2018. This call was described in “Philly Greens Seek Candidates.”
Here are the events planned by GPOP. An account will appear in our next bimonthly report to GPPA.
January 25, GPOP Membership Meeting, 7:00 pm, Nominations for 2018 City Committee, at Shissler Recreation Center.
January 27, Winter Green Party, 1:00 pm, at PhillyCam.
February 8, GPOP City Committee Meeting, 7:00 pm, at w/n w/n.
February 22, GPOP General Membership Meeting, 7:00 pm, City Committee at Shissler Recreation Center.

Respectfully submitted by Chris Robinson, GPOP Membership Secretary, 215-843-4256.

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