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Minutes, May Membership Meeting

Posted in General Meetings on Jun 04, 2017

Minutes. GPOP General Membership Meeting
May 25, 2017
Shissler Recreation Center, Fishtown

Attendence: Vivek Ananthan; Jarrett Anderson, Treasurer; Belinda Davis; Garry Frazer; Georgie Georgeson, City Committee Member At-Large; Eric Hamell; Hillary Kane; Richard Kanegis; Taj Magruder, City Committee Member At-Large; Scott McCarthy; Francis McCloskey; Kim Meudt; Rachel Rawlings, City Committee Member At-Large; Chris Robinson, Membership Secretary; Ernest Schulte; Charles Sherrouse; Bob Smith; and Galen Tyler, Chair.
Absent: Ian McShea, Recording Secretary.

This meeting was chaired by Galen, and minutes were taken by Chris.

Campaign Updates
Special Election, March 21

Hillary said that the Federal Court case has been filed and the Honkala Campaign is waiting for the Democratic Party’s response.

Jules Mermelstein for PA Superior Court Judge
Chris reported that Jules now has 2,387 signatures from 34 counties. This number of counties collecting signatures is unheard of. And this number of signatures so early in a campaign is also unheard of. Credit must be given to Green Wave, the newly formed electoral organizing committee of the Green Party of Pennsylvania.
As for Philadelphia’s participation, Chris reported that our Electoral Operations Working Group now has 12 Representatives collecting signatures, and they have already collected 371. This puts Philadelphia Greens in second place, and this must be corrected. Francis – a new Green Party member – volunteered to collect signatures for Jules.

Working Group Reports
Outreach Working Group

Taj read Margie’s Outreach Report.
Web updates. Rachel said they are proceeding slowly.
New banner. After a brief discussion, the members voted against including a telephone number on the new banner, which is being designed by Georgie.
Welcome Home Chelsea Manning Rally. Members who attended gave a brief account.

Electoral Operations Working Group
Chris had nothing additional other than the above under Jules for Judge.

Green Party of Camden, NJ
Garry Frazer and Kim Meudt gave a brief report. Greens from Camden, NJ, assisted with the Special Election in March. They are having an event, which they invited Philadelphia Greens to attend. It will be a Norcross Protest at 5:00 pm on 6/1. Kim said that the event can be found on Facebook, and “We hope to work together in the future.”

Rebuild the Philadelphia Peace Movement
Chris explained that Philadelphia had a vibrant peace movement until a Democrat was elected president in 2008. Since that time, peace demonstrations have been small and the movement has diminished. There are still remnants in existence, including some church organizations, the Granny Peace Brigade, Philadelphia Anti-Drone Network and SANE.
While the peace movement became dormant, the Pentagon’s influence has continued to grow. The military now consumes 54 percent of the discretionary U.S. budget. Assassinations by drones have increased dramatically, war crimes (including civilian deaths) by U.S. military personnel have burgeoned, and military attacks on foreign nations (without a Congressional declaration of war) now occur world-wide. Since the Green Party is also known as “The Peace Party,” Chris was wondering if GPOP members would feel compelled to rebuild the Philadelphia peace movement.
Chris then introduced Bob, the staff person for Brandywine Peace Community, the only peace organization which has remained vigorously active into the present. Many of Brandywine’s campaigns have had the endorsement of GPOP and the Green Party of Pennsylvania.
Bob began by saying, “I have come to see just how right the Green Party is.” He explained that massive military spending allows the new, Republican Party president to appear bi-partisan because militarism is also supported by the Democratic Party.
Bob then spoke about the importance of peace activists taking actions which demonstrate their opposition to militarism. He discussed Brandywine’s monthly rallies at the Horsham Drone-War Command Center, their regular events (often including civil disobedience) at the Lockheed Martin plant in King of Prussia, and the regular public outreach at SEPTA’s Regional Rail terminals. Bob requested Green Party support and participation, and he declared, “Our opposition to militarism must be visible.”
Please contact Chris if you would like to participate at 215-843-4256 and nwgreens at

Membership Issues Survey
Taj reminded the membership about our current issues survey.

Green Party Book Discussion
Hillary explained that the Book Discussion date has been changed to July 30. For information on the book, and to RSVP for the discussion, please visit Facebook.

Jarrett said that GPOP now has slightly more than $1,000.

Other Events
6/8 – GPOP City Committee, 7:00 pm, W/n W/n. All GPOP members are welcome to attend.
6/18 – Pride Festival. A good place to be seen being Green and to collect nomination signatures for Jules 4 Judge. For details, please see:
6/22 – General Membership Meeting, 7:00 pm, Shissler Recreation Center.
6/23 – GPOP Happy Hour, Spruce Street Harbor Park. Details to be announced.
6/24 – Brandywine Rally at Horsham Drone-War Command Center, noon. Details to be announced.
6/25 – GPOP Outreach Working Group, 2:00 pm, Gittis Student Center, Temple University.
6/27 – SEPTA hearing on fracked-gas plant. Details to be announced.

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