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GPOP Quarterly Report to GPPA

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Quarterly Report to the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA)
April 16, 2016

The Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP) has been very active since the last Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA) Delegate Meeting on February 6, 2016, in State College, PA. We geared up to begin nomination signature collection, held one fundraiser, and completed our Presidential Caucus. During this quarter, we have worked to find candidates for election in 2016 and to build a network of Green Party Representatives, our volunteers at the polls for future elections.

February 2016
GPOP posted a Quarterly Report to GPPA for the February Delegate Meeting covering the growth of the local Green Party since November 2015.
February 6. Ten GPOP members attended the GPPA Delegate Meeting. Two GPOP members were elected to the GPPA Steering Committee: Kristin Combs was elected chair of GPPA, and Hillary Kane was re-elected Secretary of GPPA.
February 9. GPOP City Committee Member Chris Robinson posted GPOP Electoral Operations Working (EOW) Group Report #6, “New Green Party Candidates,” to GPOP Representatives who are working to build the party. This report covered the attempts to find Green Party candidates for 2016, and a candidate for the 2017 race for Philadelphia’s District Attorney.
February 24. GPOP held its monthly General Membership Meeting at Calvary Community Center in Cedar Park, Philadelphia. Thirteen members attended, and they elected a new GPOP City Committee for a one-year term. The members set up a Presidential Caucus Planning Committee with five volunteers and endorsed the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign’s March for Our Lives, which will take place on July 25 in Philadelphia. “Greens Elect New Philadelphia Leadership” by Chris Robinson, which includes a photo of the new City Committee, appeared in 10 publications.
February 28. GPOP Membership Secretary Chris Robinson posted GPOP EOW Group Report #7, “Nomination Petitioning Has Begun I,” to GPOP Representatives. This issue discussed (among many other items) our discussion with a lawyer who successfully sued the District Attorney’s office over job discrimination. Unfortunately, she is not yet ready to become politically active.

March 2016
March 12. Hillary Kane arranged a Green Night Out presentation by two organizers from Project Safe. “Sex and Public Policy at Green Night Out” by Chris Robinson, appeared in ten on-line publications.
March 14. GPOP Membership Secretary Chris Robinson posted GPOP EOW Group Report #8, “Nomination Petitioning Has Begun II,” to GPOP Representatives. This issue announced the GPOP Presidential Caucus. It also explained that all GPOP Representatives have received nomination petitions along with a two-sided flyer, “2016 Petitioning Instructions/Petitioning Made Easy.” GPOP is now actively searching for a member to represent us on the GP U.S. Media Committee.
March 23. Twelve people attended the GPOP Monthly Membership Meeting at Roma’s Pizza in Roxborough. The Presidential Caucus Planning Committee reported that everything was ready for the Philadelphia Green Party Presidential Caucus. The membership also endorsed an effort to organize around affordable housing.
March 28. GPOP Membership Secretary Chris Robinson posted GPOP EOW Group Report #9, “Volunteer at Your Primary Election Polling Place,” to GPOP Representatives. This issue explained the important role played by signature collection on Primary Election Day, April 26. This year, GPOP will have more Green Party Representatives volunteering at the polls than ever before. Three GPOP Representatives have begun calling newly registered Greens, and the results have been reasonably good. More telephone volunteers would be helpful.

April 2016
April 11. GPOP Membership Secretary Chris Robinson posted GPOP EOW Group Report #10, “Please Attend May Day and Mount Airy Day,” to GPOP Representatives. This issue urged GPOP Representatives to attend two events, which are happening the week following Primary Election Day. It also explained that the GPOP EOW Group has sent follow-up emails to activists who might have run for office on the 2016 Green Party ballot. We contacted activists in movements for single-payer healthcare, renewable energy, peace actions, and ending mass incarceration. Unfortunately, the deadline, March 28, has passed, and we are now searching for people to run for office in future years.
April 16. Eleven members attended the GPOP Presidential Caucus at the Ethical Humanist Society. Following a discussion of “What It Means To Be Green,” a secret ballot was conducted. Jill Stein received 10 votes, and Richard Trumka received one write-in vote.

Movement Connections
February 17. Chris Robinson represented the Green Party at the meeting of Philadelphia Area Anti-Drone Network (PAADN) at the Friends Center.
March 26. Three Philadelphia Greens attended the “Ignite Peace” vigil against the new Drone War Command Center in Horsham, PA.
April 2. A dozen GPOP members attended the beef ‘n’ beer fundraiser for the 2016 May Day Celebration. This event was held at the SEIU Union Hall. Vivek Ananthan was the GPOP representative on the May Day Steering Committee.
During this quarter, Belinda Davis has been the GPOP delegate to March for Our Lives, which will take place near the Democratic Party National Convention on July 25.
Belinda also represented GPOP at a Caucus of Working Educators (CWE) event.
Charles Sherrouse represented GPOP at a new voter registration/education forum at Esperanza College, and at a DSA forum on building a socialist movement beyond Bernie.

Submitted by
Chris Robinson, 215-843-4256
Membership Secretary
Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP)


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