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GPOP General Membership Meeting, July 29, 2015

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Minutes from Wednesday, July 29, 2015
Cavanaugh’s Restaurant, 39th and Sansom Streets, University City, Philadelphia

Mady Cantor, Kristin Combs, Glenn Davis, Jeremy Griffin, Eric Hamell, Hector Colon, John Holloway, Cheri Honkala, Hillary Kane, Richard Kane, Chris Robinson, Julian Robinson, Beverly Rolfsmeyer, Ernest Schulte, Charles Sherrouse and Galen Tyler.

Minutes were taken by Hillary in the absence of an elected Recording Secretary. Chris circulated a draft copy to those present on August 12 and received no additions and corrections. The approved copy was posted to on August 16.

1. Notarization of Nomination Papers
Mady Cantor notarized nomination papers presented by those present. In hand and notarized: 1160. In hand (not notarized): 1000.

2. Election Operations Working Group.
Chris sent an email with a call for a new working group. He also handed out printed copies. So far, he has gotten positive feedback. He will ask for the approval of GPOP membership at our September meeting.

3. Treasurer’s Report.
Hillary said we have $1,440 in the bank partly due to a very successful Green Night Out with Jill Stein skyping in. She asked for approval to spend $300 to send a delegation to the Annual National Meeting. No objections.
She also connected with some folks who would make for great speakers for Green Night Outs and/or the Green Gala. Would like to plan something for early October. There was a discussion of whether this should be a small group or is so central that it needs to be broader in membership.

4. Relying upon volunteers.
There was a discussion of the need to move beyond volunteerism in order to attract young people and more people of color to the Green Party. Cheri is working on pressing this point with both GPUS and with the Stein campaign.

5. Voter registration parties.
6. Hector is interested in Co-Chairing the new Outreach Working Group along with Galen Tyler.

7. Kristin Combs for Council Updates.
Keep collecting signatures! The American Postal Workers Bulk Mail Local Union meeting with her (already endorsed her). AFSCME District Council 33 also endorsed (but not publicizing).
She is planning a press blitz on August 3. Many other groups are waiting to do endorsements until after the ballots go out on Special Elections on August 11th in State Rep districts 174, 191, 195.
We need to practice Election Day activities that day.
8. ANM report.
Hillary made a report on the GP U.S. Annual National Meeting. The Stein campaign needs donations for matching funds. There was a call for more involvement in anit-war activities, especially Iran.
9. Animal Anti-Abuse meeting.
Beverly gave a report on a meeting of Responsible Policies for Animals she attended, representing GPOP. Beverly also handed out printed copies of their Animal-Rights Strategy Bulletin #1, dated May 2015.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.

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