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GREEN NIGHT OUT: How to End Fracking

Posted in Ban Fracking, Green Night Out on Nov 18, 2012, Sunday, November 18, 2012

GREEN NIGHT OUT: How to End Fracking

At Green Night Out on November 10, Sam Bernhardt, led a discussion about “How to End Fracking.” Bernhardt is an organizer for Food and Water Watch,, in Pennsylvania. Fracking (hydraulic fracturing to release gas from shale rock) is inherently unsafe, according to Bernhardt, and citizens cannot rely on state officials to protect the water, air and public health. “Fracking can’t be made safer through government oversight or regulations,” said Bernhardt. “An all out ban on fracking is the only way to protect our communities.”

Right now, Bernhardt is working to expose the way PA Governor Tom Corbett has overreached to make gas drilling easier for the gas companies. He does not believe that most Pennsylvania residents will agree with the extremism of Corbett opening state college campuses and state forests for gas-drilling. Bernhardt also thinks that most people in our Commonwealth will object to Corbett deleting information from lab reports to people who have had their well water tested for toxic contaminants.

The reason for not protecting the public health, according to Bernhardt is that “Corbett received $1.8 million from friends like gas magnate Terry Pegula. In return, he stripped state regulations, opened up state lands and gave the fracking industry billions in tax breaks, including a nearly $2 billion tax break for Pegula’s Royal Dutch Shell.”

While consuming mountains of delicious food, the diners at Green Night Out discussed ways to ban fracking in Pennsylvania. As a start, Bernhardt circulated a petition against fracking, which was gladly signed by the diners.

Green Night Out takes place monthly at Singapore Kosher Vegetarian Chinese Restaurant, . Green Night Out is sponsored by the Green Party of Philadelphia, . For more information about future Green Nights Out, please contact 215-243-7103 [and].

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