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City Council candidate Kristin Combs speaks at Green Night Out

By Chris Robinson
Kristin Combs spoke with members and friends of the Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP) at Green Night Out on October 10. “I believe that the Green Party should become the political arm of today’s social justice movement,” Combs told her supporters.
She used herself as a prominent example. “I am running for City Council-at-Large in order to save our public schools,” explained Combs. “I am speaking for the Green Party and for the Caucus of Working Educators, a progressive group within the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (PFT).”

Green Night Out is a periodic gathering which is open to the public. Green Night Out is held at Sang Kee Peking Duck House, The diners discuss politics while they enjoyed a Chinese feast.

Combs then explained her platform: locally controlled, high-quality public schools; a $15/hour minimum wage; neighborhood revitalization without displacement; strong, independent civilian review over the police; and a green energy hub in Philadelphia’s future. [Please find more information here.]
Kristin Combs is the only remaining LGBT candidate on the City Council ballot. She is a high school teacher whose candidacy has been widely endorsed by labor and progressive organizations, including AFSCME District Council 33, American Postal Workers Union Local 7048, Americans for Democratic Action of SE PA, Caucus of Working Educators of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, Green Party of Philadelphia, Green Party of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Neighborhood Networks, Philly for Change (affiliate of Democracy for America), Socialist Alternative, and Socialist Party USA.

When questioned, Combs explained her strategy to win one of the minor party seats on City Council, “Voters may cast five votes for City Council-at-Large. I am asking voters to ‘Push Button #426 First.’ In that way, they will use one of their five votes to elect an additional, progressive councilperson-at-large — Kristin Combs.”
“I am offering voters a chance to vote with their hearts,” said Combs. “It will be an amazing victory for Philadelphia, to have six progressive Councilpersons-at-Large – rather than just five.” [You may contribute to Friends of Kristin Combs here.]
Chris Robinson has been a member at large of the Green Party of Philadelphia City Committee since 2011. He can be reached at 215-843-4256 and

Also see:
OpEdNews, October 12, 2015, ;
Philadelphia Free Press, October 13, 2015,

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Saturday, October 24

    March with the Green Party of Philadelphia
    Meet at noon at the corner of
    51st and Walnut Streets

Join Spiral Q in the 16th annual Peoplehood Parade, an all-ages people-powered tradition/holiday that brings community together to celebrate our past year, tell our stories, and look forward to building a more just and joyous year ahead.

The Peoplehood Parade challenges discrimination in all of its harmful forms. This year’s Peoplehood Parade will pay powerful tribute to the movement for Black lives, and Spiral Q makes this offering as artists in response to this critical moment.

The Green Party of Philadelphia invites you, in all of your creativity and boldness, to move together with Spiral Q in solidarity with this year’s theme.

The Green Party’s Peoplehood Parade contingent will meet at noon at the corner of 51st and Walnut Streets in West Philadelphia.

The Peoplehood Parade will begin at 1:00 pm. It will conclude at Clark Park at 2:00 (a 1.25 mile walk).

For more information, please contact
215-243-7103 and

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Green Party Looking for Political Candidates

By Chris Robinson.
The Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP) is looking for progressive candidates to run for elected office. In 2016, every seat in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives will be up for election, and the Green Party wants dynamic candidates on the ballot for voters to consider. This decision to recruit candidates was made at Green Party membership meeting on September 30.
Since 2007 a majority of voters (60 percent, Gallup 2015) have agreed that a third party is needed to challenge the two old parties with new ideas. Greens believe that building a new political party should start in each neighborhood. They are planning to field candidates for PA State Representative who are fed up with the deadlock in Harrisburg. The Green Party will support energetic candidates who are interested in a Green New Deal with jobs for all, free public education from pre-school through state university, investment in renewable energy, and an end to mass incarceration.
“Our call for new political candidates is wide open,” said Hillary Kane, GPOP Treasurer from Cedar Park. “The Green Party is not your typical group of old political hacks. We are interested in young people who are ready to take the plunge into politics, especially women and people of color who are usually excluded by the two corporate parties.”
While meeting at the Calvary Center for Culture and Community in Cedar Park, West Philadelphia, Green Party members created a new Electoral Operations Working Group, which will have three tasks: recruiting Green Party candidates who will campaign for office; organizing people to work on those campaigns; and building an infrastructure that will be able to win electoral offices.
The Green Party is a national political party founded on the four pillars of nonviolence, grassroots democracy, ecological wisdom and social justice.

Chris Robinson has been a member at large of the Green Party of Philadelphia City Committee since 2011. He can be reached at 215-843-4256 and
Green Party of the U.S., State and Local News;

The Independent Voice, October 5;

Philadelphia Free Press, October 6, 2015;

Lehigh Valley Vanguard, October 5, 2015; and

Philadelphia Public Record, October 8, 2015, pages 15, 21.

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GREEN NIGHT OUT, October 10, 6:30 pm

Saturday, October 10
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Sang Kee Peking Duck House,
238 North Ninth Street,
Chinatown, Philadelphia.

215-243-7103 and

Connecting Left Electoral Politics and Social Justice Movements

GREEN NIGHT OUT welcomes Kristin Combs, Green Party candidate for
Philadelphia City Council.

Meet the candidate, hear her reason for running, and ask her your questions.

Enjoy this stimulating discussion and a fabulous Chinese dinner for only $25/person.

Green Night Out is open to the public.

Please RSVP because space is limited.
RSVP to the Green Party at 215-243-7103 and

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Greens to Meet, 9/30, 7:00 pm

Greens to Meet in Cedar Park
Wednesday, September 30
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Calvary Center for Culture and Community

801 South 48th Street (at Baltimore Avenue)
Cedar Park, West Philadelphia
Easily accessible via SEPTA 34 Trolley
More information from 215-243-7103 and


Members will decide on a way to build the Green Party.

How can Greens help Kristin Combs’ campaign for Philadelphia City Council?

We look forward to your participation.
This meeting is open to the public with no admission charge.

grassroots democracy – social justice – nonviolence – ecological wisdom

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GPOP Quarterly Report to the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA), September 15, 2015

The Green Party of Philadelphia has been very active since the last Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA) Delegate Meeting on May 30, 2015, in Swarthmore, PA. We have focused our efforts on getting two GPOP candidates on the ballot for the General Election on November 3.

During this period GPOP members were active within the Philadelphia Area Anti-Drone Network and attended all of the demonstrations against the new Drone War Command Center in Horsham, PA. GPOP members were also active within DecarceratePA, the Philadelphia Unemployment Project and the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign.

June 2015
On June 9, GPOP posted a news release entitled, “Green Party ideas for the Next Mayor of Philadelphia.”

On June 24, the GPOP General Membership Meeting was attended by seven people. Most of the discussion concerned building our petition campaign with only one month to go. The minutes from this meeting can be found here.

From June 25 through June 28, U.S. Social Forum took place in Philadelphia. Ten GPOP members were active, and even more attended workshops. A video report can be found here.

On June 27, a Green Night Out fundraiser for GPOP was successful. Twenty five people feasted upon Chinese food while conversing via Skype with Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for President of the U.S. in 2012.

July 2015
From July 23 through July 27, GPOP members participated in the Green Party U.S. Annual National Meeting (ANM) in Saint Louis, MO. Eight GPOP members attended, including ANM Coordinator Hillary Kane.

On July 29, the GPOP General Membership Meeting drew 16 people to have their nomination papers notarized. Kristin Combs reported that she had endorsements from the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) Bulk Mail Local and from American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) District Council 33. Hillary Kane reported on the GPUS Annual National Meeting, including their hope for greater Green Party involvement in the peace movement. Chris Robinson reported on his call for the formation of a GPOP Election Operations Working (EOW) Group. The minutes from this meeting can be found here.

August 2015
On August 3, GPOP members Kristin Combs and Glenn Davis submitted their nomination papers. Kristin Combs is running for Philadelphia City Council Member at Large, and Glenn Davis is running for Philadelphia City Commissioner. Kristin’s nomination was unchallenged.

Glenn Davis’ nomination was challenged by the Republican Party. At a hearing on August 17, a judge ruled that Glenn did not have enough valid signatures. Carl Romanelli and a lawyer from GPPA represented Glenn based upon CPPA vs. Aichele. It is not clear if GPPA has appealed this decision or if GPPA has decided that CPPA vs. Aichele was not relevant. [See:]

On August 19, Chris Robinson attended a meeting of Philadelphia Area Anti-Drone Network and proposed that a member of the peace movement run for PA State Representative on the Green Party ticket in 2016. Chris explained to the network delegates that the Green Party is solidly against drone warfare, and that the only presidential candidate against drone warfare in 2014 was the Green Party’s Jill Stein.

GPOP does not hold a General Membership meeting during August.

September 2015
On September 7, eight GPOP members joined Kristin Combs at the Philadelphia Labor Day Parade to publicize her campaign for City Council.

On September 10, the GPOP City Committee endorsed a Call for an Electoral Operations Working (EOW) Group, which was initiated by Chris Robinson on July 27. If approved by GPOP’s membership, the EOW Group will have three tasks: recruiting Green Party candidates who will campaign for office; organizing people to work on those campaigns; and building an infrastructure that will be able to win electoral campaigns.

On September 11, Chris Robinson attended the monthly meeting of Food and Water Watch. He asked the activists present to spread the word that the Green Party is searching for a candidate who will run for PA State Representative on an anti-fracking slate. Chris explained that the Green Party is the only political party opposed to fracking, and that our opposition dates back to 2008 when Democratic Party Governor Edward G. Rendell initiated fracking in PA.

I hope that other Green Party chapters will let members of GPOP know of their events by posting to our discussion list. Only members may post, but that is not difficult if you follow the east directions under “Join Group.”

In solidarity,
Chris Robinson, 215-843-4256
City Committee Member at Large
Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP)

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Labor Day with Kristin Combs, 9/9, 8:00 am

The campaign has begun! Please help us publicize Kristin Combs’ campaign for Philadelphia City Council Member at Large. Alex Gillett has organized a Kristin for Council presence at the Labor Day parade. I will be there, and you are invited to join us.

Alex will be at the SE corner of Washington and Delaware Avenues (Sheet Metal Workers’ Hall) beginning at 8 a.m. on Monday, September 7, with stickers and signs for the Green Party and Kristin. You will be able to mingle with the union workers in the parking lot until the parade starts, and then march along with the marchers or find a place to stand along the parade route. The idea is to spread out and look as big as possible. (The official Labor Day announcement is below.)

For more information, please contact
Chris Robinson, 215-843-4256

Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO 28th Tri-State Labor Day Parade and Family Celebration
September 7, 8:30 am – 2:00 pm

Sheet Metal Workers’ Hall,
1301 S. Columbus Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Tri-State Labor Day Parade:
8:30 A.M. Parade gathering;
9:15 A.M. Pre-parade kickoff Rally;
10:00 A.M. Parade begins

Parade begins at the Sheet Metal Workers Local 19 Union Hall, Columbus Blvd. and Washington Ave. to Penn’s Landing Great Plaza at Columbus Blvd and Market St.

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Kristin Combs Will Appear on the November Ballot

Please volunteer for Kristin Combs at your polling place on Tuesday, November 3.
Send your contact information to the Green Party of Philadelphia, c/o Chris Robinson,, 215-843-4256.

Green Party Candidate for Council at-Large Successfully Passes Challenge Window

PHILADELPHIA- After filing for ballot access on August 3, Green Party candidate for city council at-large, Kristin Combs, a Philadelphia public school teacher at Penn Treaty School, remained unchallenged when the window for such challenges closed. She will appear on the ballot for the general election on Tuesday, November 3.

Kristin Combs has gained momentum and endorsements from a broad coalition of groups including the prominent AFSCME District Council 33, the blue-collar union for Philadelphia’s city employees. Kate Goodman, a member of endorsing organization Socialist Alternative, says “Working class people need independent politicians who represent us, not the Chamber of Commerce. The fight for the $15 minimum wage has been led by independent workers’ organizations, like Socialist Alternative’s City Councilmember Kshama Sawant in Seattle, WA. We need a champion like Kristin Combs in Philly on City Council to fight unapologetically for the $15 minimum wage.”

There are seven at-large council seats available with a maximum of five seats going to the majority party – the Democrats. Kristin is vying for one of the two minority seats, which go to the individuals with the next highest votes; traditionally, this has meant Republicans. However, it also could mean a third party candidate, and she has a chance to win.

“If liberal voters do not vote party-line but instead allot one vote to Kristin, they assure a more progressive voice within the City Council and do not risk losing a seat for Democrats,” says Green Party Treasurer Hillary Kane. “Progressives are excited to use one of their five at-large votes on November 3 to support a candidate whose primary agenda is social and economic justice.”

For more information or to make a contribution, visit

AFSCME District Council 33, APWU Bulk Mail Center Local 748, Green Party of Philadelphia, Socialist Alternative, and Socialist Party USA (Philadelphia Local).

For interviews please contact Kristin Combs, 215-613-4223,

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GPOP General Membership Meeting, July 29, 2015

Minutes from Wednesday, July 29, 2015
Cavanaugh’s Restaurant, 39th and Sansom Streets, University City, Philadelphia

Mady Cantor, Kristin Combs, Glenn Davis, Jeremy Griffin, Eric Hamell, Hector Colon, John Holloway, Cheri Honkala, Hillary Kane, Richard Kane, Chris Robinson, Julian Robinson, Beverly Rolfsmeyer, Ernest Schulte, Charles Sherrouse and Galen Tyler.

Minutes were taken by Hillary in the absence of an elected Recording Secretary. Chris circulated a draft copy to those present on August 12 and received no additions and corrections. The approved copy was posted to on August 16.

1. Notarization of Nomination Papers
Mady Cantor notarized nomination papers presented by those present. In hand and notarized: 1160. In hand (not notarized): 1000.

2. Election Operations Working Group.
Chris sent an email with a call for a new working group. He also handed out printed copies. So far, he has gotten positive feedback. He will ask for the approval of GPOP membership at our September meeting.

3. Treasurer’s Report.
Hillary said we have $1,440 in the bank partly due to a very successful Green Night Out with Jill Stein skyping in. She asked for approval to spend $300 to send a delegation to the Annual National Meeting. No objections.
She also connected with some folks who would make for great speakers for Green Night Outs and/or the Green Gala. Would like to plan something for early October. There was a discussion of whether this should be a small group or is so central that it needs to be broader in membership.

4. Relying upon volunteers.
There was a discussion of the need to move beyond volunteerism in order to attract young people and more people of color to the Green Party. Cheri is working on pressing this point with both GPUS and with the Stein campaign.

5. Voter registration parties.
6. Hector is interested in Co-Chairing the new Outreach Working Group along with Galen Tyler.

7. Kristin Combs for Council Updates.
Keep collecting signatures! The American Postal Workers Bulk Mail Local Union meeting with her (already endorsed her). AFSCME District Council 33 also endorsed (but not publicizing).
She is planning a press blitz on August 3. Many other groups are waiting to do endorsements until after the ballots go out on Special Elections on August 11th in State Rep districts 174, 191, 195.
We need to practice Election Day activities that day.
8. ANM report.
Hillary made a report on the GP U.S. Annual National Meeting. The Stein campaign needs donations for matching funds. There was a call for more involvement in anit-war activities, especially Iran.
9. Animal Anti-Abuse meeting.
Beverly gave a report on a meeting of Responsible Policies for Animals she attended, representing GPOP. Beverly also handed out printed copies of their Animal-Rights Strategy Bulletin #1, dated May 2015.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.

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Glenn Davis Files for Philadelphia City Commissioner

On August 3, Glenn Davis filed nomination papers to be the Green Party’s candidate for Philadelphia City Commissioner, the office that oversees elections. Davis is the chair of the Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP).

After filing, Davis said, “Philadelphia now has a choice. No one has to vote for the corporate parties. They can now vote for the Green Party candidate for Philadelphia City Commissioner. When elected, I will expose corruption in the election system, register more new voters — especially young voters — and hold neighborhood informational meetings to encourage voting.”

Glenn Davis is running for City Commissioner with six objectives: open all elections to minor parties, end corruption in regulation of elections, a paper record of votes at every polling place, decent pay for polling place officials, registration and education of new voters, and instant run-off voting to achieve majority rule.

“Glenn Davis will engage the neglected voters — young people, returning citizens, and those who have been alienated from voting by corrupt officials and faulty machines,” says Paul Glover, last year’s Green Party candidate for governor of Pennsylvania.

Julian Robinson, a sophomore at Community College of Philadelphia and a member of the GPOP City Committee, is working for Glenn Davis’ campaign “because I believe in his campaign. I believe that we should have more youth involved in the voting process. Not enough youth vote or run for office. Glenn will reach out to them. I also would like to get rid of the “Party” button, so that people will vote for individual candidates.”

Another volunteer with the Davis Campaign is Jeremy R. Griffin, a sophomore at Kutztown University, who collected many nomination signatures for Davis. Griffin is an environmental activist and a docent at Wild West Philly. He is working on the campaign for Glenn Davis because, “I am not for the politics of the two corporate parties. As a registered Green Party member, who lives in Philadelphia, I believe that Glenn Davis is a man with truth and morals who I can get behind.”

Glenn Davis is a 45-year old father of three, born and raised in the Haddington neighborhood of West Philadelphia. He is on the board of directors of the Philadelphia Unemployment Project. Davis is a veteran of the U.S. Army and has served as the vice-president of Shepard Recreation Advisory Council.

Davis has been active in DecarceratePA, and he walked from Philadelphia’s Love Park to the State Capitol in Harrisburg as part of the DecarceratePA march to stop Graterford Prison’s expansion.

“Vote for Glenn Davis for Philadelphia City Commissioner,” said Cheri Honkala, the Green Party candidate for sheriff in 2011 and for vice president in 2012. Honkala continued, “a vote for Glenn Davis will demonstrate that you are serious about real change in the vital area of clean elections.”

Contributions for Glenn Davis’ Campaign for Philadelphia City Commissioner may be made here, or by sending a check or money order to “Friends of Glenn Davis,” c/o Treasurer Hillary Kane, 5031 Catharine Street, Philadelphia, PA 19143.

The Green Party is an independent political party based upon grassroots democracy, social justice, nonviolence and ecological wisdom. For more information about the Green Party, please contact 215-243-7103 and

This news release can also be found at the following sites:,,,,,


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Greens to Meet, 7/29, 7:00 pm

GPOP General Membership Meeting
Wednesday, July 29, 7:00 pm


Kristin Combs for City Council Member At Large,, and

Glenn Davis for City Commissioner,

Please join us. A free notary will be present.

This meeting is open to the public. There will be no admission charge
(a free-will offering will be accepted).

Cavanaugh’s Restaurant
(Basement meeting room)
119 South 39th Street
(at Sansom Street)
University City, Philadelphia

For more information:
215-243-7103 or email

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Minutes, GPOP General Membership Meeting, June 24, 2015

GREEN PARTY OF PHILADELPHIA (GPOP), General Membership Meeting,
Minutes from Wednesday, June 24, 2015
Liberty Choice Market, Front & Norris Streets, Kensington, Philadelphia

Attendance: Alex Gillett, Glenn Davis, Hillary Kane, Kristin Combs, Sergio Fogel, Charles Sherrouse and Eric Hamell.
Minutes were taken by Hillary in the absence of an elected Recording Secretary. Chris circulated a draft copy to those present and received additions and corrections from Hillary, Kristin and Eric. The final copy was posted to on July 15.

1) Announcements
June 25-28, U.S. Social Forum. Be seen being Green. We will have about 10 people attending as part of the GPOP contingent. Attend workshops and make comments/ask questions, make it a point to publicize the Green Party.
June 27, Anti-Drone protest in Horsham
Alex raised concerns about the anti-drone demonstrations (at Horsham) because they appear to be directed to the “proletariat,” the actual workers and staffers of the facility who would need to make great personal risks to challenge the program, rather than the government & leadership that put the policies in place.
June 27, Jill Stein at Green Night Out
July 8, GPOP City Committee at Cavanaugh’s (to be confirmed)
July 29, GPOP General Membership meeting with notary at Cavanaugh’s
August 12, GPOP City Committee (location TBA)

2) Introductions
See attendance list above

3) Campaign reports
Kristin has 500 signatures in hand. Reports from others, like the Socialist Alternative, have reported many more. There is also an independent running a strong campaign: Andrew Stober Kristin has a piece of literature that is not being received well so she’s redoing it. She is working closely with Socialist Alternative,, being more explicitly anti-corporate in her literature. Many of us noted that we were not receiving email from Kristin’s campaign, and she is going to see why we’re not on her list.

Glenn also has about 500. Some people mobilizing for Glenn because they want to see one of the incumbents out (Anthony Clark). Glenn also noted that there might be a Special Election for State Representative in District 190, if Vanessa Lowry Brown gets kicked out for campaign finance improprieties. Glenn looked it up, and he apparently can run for both offices simultaneously.

Hillary emphasized the need to have more organized and coordinated petitioning over the weekend.

Discussion of the plan for turning in the signatures. Note about the court ruling that says we don’t have to notarize each signature page. Kristin explained, “The discussion we had was that we would proceed with still notarizing the pages.”

Discussion of who will be on hand on which day to turn in signatures. General consensus is Kristin, Glenn, and Alex in the morning of Monday, August 3. Others will meet over the weekend to review all the pages and batch them.
Alex suggested that we file a Writ of Mandamus to require the other parties to obey the law and cite Bonusgate. He also suggested that we should have someone in a Green Party t-shirt hang out in the office all day to see who comes in and asks for copies of our stuff.

4) Report from GPOP Treasurer
GPOP has $817 in treasury but about $150 is for pre-sales of Saturday’s Green Night Out.
Discussion of GPUS brochure. Hillary got estimates from Paper Crane. Kristin and Alex both had contacts with other union printers that were cheaper. Hillary will get new quotes.

5) Special Elections
Charles noted there were three special elections going on, and the Election Day will be August 11. Those voters are clearly very interested in politics, and we should plan to flyer them to publicize our candidates. It’s also a good way to warm up your machine in preparation for Election Day, November 4.

6) Discussion of Email lists
Alex noted that we don’t have an internal, members-only email list for planning activities (beyond the City Committee list). Hillary suggested that we can probably do this through NationBuilder. Alex asked for a presentation on NationBuilder (capabilities, costs) for the next meeting.

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GPOP General Membership Meeting, 5/27/2015

GREEN PARTY OF PHILADELPHIA, Minutes from Wednesday, May 27, 2015
Dream House Asian Bistro, 6127 Ridge Avenue (at Green Lane), Roxborough, Philadelphia

Attendance: Alex Gillett, Bernadette Cronin-Geller, Glenn Davis, Julian Robinson, Beverly Rolfsmeyer, Hillary Kane, Chris Robinson, Ernest Schulte, Lawrence Geller, John Winfelter, and Eric Hamell
Minutes were taken by Hillary in the absence of an elected Recording Secretary.

1) Announcements
May 30, GPPA State Meeting in Swarthmore, 11 AM-3 PM
May 30, Horsham Demonstration against Drone Command Center
June 10, City Committee meeting/Phone Banking, 7 PM at Liberty Choice
June 24, GPOP meeting, location TBA [THIS DATE WAS CHANGED, SEE #8 BELOW]
June 25-28, US Social Forum
Hillary selling tickets to USSF through GPOP at only $20. Buy tickets through Hillary, not the USSF Philly site. Proposing two workshops: one on ballot access (with Jay Sweeney, Carl Romanelli, and possibly Alex Gillett and Paul Rossi), and another on May Day as a National Holiday (Vivek Ananthan).

May 26, Bernadette, Lawrence and Eric protested at the federal building yesterday against drone strikes. Philadelphia-Area Anti-Drone Network.
Alex raised concerns about the anti-drone demonstrations (at Horsham) because they appear to be directed to the “proletariat,” the actual workers and staffers of the facility who would need to make great personal risks to challenge the program, rather than the government & leadership that put the policies in place.

2) Introductions
See attendance list above

3) Discussion of Primary Election Results
Alex noted that the turnout was low – only 30%. This is a big opening for us — voter dissatisfaction is high.
Chris felt that this was because no one is talking about their issues. If Greens were running, we would presumably be talking about the issues people care about.
Lawrence mentioned that we need to work to mobilize the 1900 or so registered Greens that have already indicated some support for us. We need to ask those 1900 registrants to take 50 brochures a piece and hand them out in their own neighborhood.
Eric is supposed to be putting a list together of registered Greens with phone numbers. We can’t afford to do a snail mailing. This was decided on at the last City Committee meeting. The goal is to do some phone banking on June 10th in lieu of the City Committee meeting.
Hillary mentioned the new GPUS brochure that has a space for a local chapter’s information. It also happens to have Hillary on it! Can we raise $ to get some of these new brochures produced?
Next week, Chris will get the list of Greens who voted in the Primary.
Hillary will also update the Philly Election Results spreadsheet which tracks votes for Green candidates for the entire city by division.
Glenn wants us to focus more on younger voters “millennials.” Focus on #BlackLivesMatter as a local movement. We need more Greens to come out to participate.
Alex thinks we need to simply go to our own neighbors and talk with them about joining the Green Party, how to register, etc. He wants to focus on voter registration.
Beverly, picking up on the movement thread, asked how we could be more involved and more visible at events and demonstrations.
Hillary noted that one additional thing we need to do is use social media. She has been tweeting when she can from the GPPA account — such as at one of the #BlackLivesMatters events and when she and Chris gathered signatures at Mt. Airy Day.

4) Discussion of new Press Release
Chris proposed a press release if no one got a majority, but Kenney did. So this idea is no longer useful. Alternative plan is to issue a release that makes a set of recommendations for the next mayor and try to get the two major party candidates to agree to those points or at least to debate them. The meeting accepted this plan, and Chris will ask everyone for their ideas.
Alex wants us to be more political. We have been too passive. A candidate for mayor (Anthony Hardy Williams) paid a $30,000 fine to the Board of Ethics for campaign finance violations. Another candidate paid $6-8,000. Alex’s PAC has gone to Harrisburg and looked at the signatures of incumbent candidates and at least 10% are bad. Until we threaten the incumbents with defeat from signature challenges, our proposed legislation to change the ballot access rules will not have a chance. Alex thinks we could bring this to the media — not do an actual challenge ourselves.
Discussion about getting out of our individual bubbles — some want to do anti-drone protests, some want to work on ballot access challenges, some want to do door-to-door outreach — but no one activity is unifying the party and people are often not interested in working on what they perceive to be “other people’s” stuff.
Lawrence: We have a malaise in GPOP right now — we need to make a plan, stick to it, and push ourselves to hold ourselves accountable to the decisions we made at previous meetings. We need to roll up our sleeves and do work.

5) Latest news from Kristin’s campaign
Kristin not present but her campaign seems to be ramping up post-primary. She reached out to Hillary to join her campaign committee. She seems to be doing stuff. Chris will email her to send a report to GPOP News. Alex said her campaign was a bit in limbo until the primary. Helen Gym’s victory has prompted Kristin to re-focus her campaign and message.
John mentioned the real estate tax for businesses and large corporations (Comcast, Stadium, Universities). Tons of money for the stadiums only goes to a small section of South Philly.
Bernadette suggested charter school oversight as an issue for Kristin.

6) Latest news from Glenn’s campaign
Glenn said his campaign is going well. He’s running a “grass roots” campaign and focusing more on getting people involved rather than raising money. He has some support from Stephanie Singer’s office since she was kicked off the ballot. Goal is to beat the Republican who, in 2011, won with only 15% of the vote. Glenn believes that he will be challenged by the Republicans since we’re a bigger threat to them in this election. We need to each talk to all of our Democratic friends and explain that they can and should split their vote and this will actually help knock off the Republican, not “spoil” a Democrat.
Raising money by door knocking. Doing it while petitioning.
Next campaign meeting Sunday, May 31st at Hillary’s house at 2:30 PM. 5031 Catharine Street.

7) Report from GPOP Treasurer
Hillary passed out the analysis of income and expenditures. Our income is roughly evenly split between one-time donors, monthly sustainers, and “pass the hat.” Hillary noted that the monthly sustainer program brings in ~$80 a month and comes from only 5 people. We could easily increase our income substantially by recruiting more sustainers.
Green Night Out has been revived at the Sang Kee Peking Duck House,, 238 North Ninth Street, Chinatown, on Saturday, June 27th.

8) Next GPOP General Membership Meeting
GPOP usually holds its General Membership Meeting on the fourth Wednesday of each month (with the exception of August and December). Unfortunately, the fourth Wednesday of July will conflict with travel plans for members who will attend the National Convention of the Green Party of the U.S. in Saint Louis, MO, Therefore, the membership agreed to hold its next General Membership meeting on Wednesday, July 29. Please bring your nomination petitions to this meeting. Mady Cantor will notarize them for free.

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Greens to Meet in Kensington, 6/24, 7:00 pm


General Membership Meeting
Wednesday, June 24, 7:00 pm

Greens will gather to hear news of:
Kristin Combs Campaign for City Council Member At Large,,


Glenn Davis Campaign for City Commissioner,

Please turn in your notarized nomination papers at this meeting.

This meeting is open to the public. Please join us.
There will be no admission charge
(a free-will offering will be accepted).

Liberty Choice Market (second floor)
1947 North Front Street (at Norris)
Kensington, Philadelphia

For more information:
215-243-7103 or

Written on June 21, 2015

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Green Party Ideas for the Next Mayor of Philadelphia

“The Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP) recognizes that less than thirty percent of the members of the Democratic and Republican Parties voted in the recent Primary Election and have now chosen two candidates for mayor,” said GPOP Chair Glenn Davis following the Green’s membership meeting on May 27 at Dream House Asian Bistro in Roxborough. “Those two candidates will now be observed and questioned by the great majority of voters, who did not participate in the primary election,” continued Davis. “The Green Party has many good ideas, which should be considered by the next mayor. Therefore, our membership has voted to offer some Green Party policies for consideration by the two candidates Melissa Murray Bailey and James Francis Kenney. We hope that Philadelphia’s voters will evaluate the responses of Bailey and Kenney before deciding between them.”

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Written on June 11, 2015

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