Philly Green Party

E-Mail Lists

At the moment, we have several lists, two of which hosted at Yahoo and are our main lists. If you have any problems or questions about our lists, contact our membership secretary.

List Name Description moderated? msgs/day
gpopnews Important announcements, agendas, minutes, etc Yes < 1
gpopchat Discussion, questions, less important announcements No 7


GPOPnews is a moderated list of important Green Party of Philadelphia messages.  It includes notices of meetings, meeting minutes, working group actions, candidate information, and calls to activism.  These emails are directly related to the GREEN PARTY OF PHILADELPHIA.  All other messages, e.g., general interest messages, should be posted to our other email list, “GPOPchat.”  Posts to GPOPnews are approved within 24 hours.


GPOPchat is an unmoderated announcement and discussion forum. It is used to ask questions, discuss issues, and post announcements of general interest to Greens.  It may include duplication of GPOPnews, e.g., when the GPOPnews items must reach the widest audience possible.

Note: These email lists, GPOPnews and GPOPchat, are managed through Yahoo.  If you don’t already have a Yahoo account, you will be asked to establish one when you join for the first time.

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