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What is the Green Party?

The Green Party is a rapidly growing, independent political party that presents a much-needed alternative to the Republicans and the Democrats.

What do you stand for?

We promote: health care for all, fair and equal funding for public schools, a living wage, clean and renewable energy, investment in locally-based businesses, organic agriculture, an end to discrimination of all kinds, and a chance for all citizens to participate in the political process. Internationally, we support fair trade and a foreign policy based on respect for international law and human rights.

Why not promote these ideas by working within the “major” parties?

Because the Democratic and Republican parties are part of the problem, not the solution. Candidates from both parties rely primarily on the support of wealthy individuals and large corporations to fund their election campaigns. As a result, they spend most of their time in office paying back their benefactors with corporate tax breaks and subsidies while ignoring the needs of ordinary working people.

What about your presidential candidate Ralph Nader — didn’t he spoil it for Al Gore?

The only thing the Greens “spoiled” in 2000 was the illusion that the two-party system was meeting the needs of the people. The people who voted for Nader were declaring their independence from a corrupt system and signaling a willingness to build a better one. The real story of the 2000 election, the story you didn’t read about in the newspapers, was the explosive growth of the Green Party. The Greens gained thousands of new members and formed hundreds of new local chapters. It was the beginning of the end of the two-party lock on power.

But can you ever win?

We already do win, and we are winning more every year. There are currently 155 Greens holding elected office in 20 states. Over 400 Greens will be on ballots throughout the country this November, the most ever. In addition, Greens “win” in other ways too by working with other organizations to promote change through non-electoral activities like community organizing, educational forums, petition drives, pickets, marches, and direct action protests.

How do I find out more? How do I get involved?

In Philadelphia, see the Get Involved section of this site or call 215-243-7103. For elsewhere in Pennsylvania, visit or call 717-232-2450. For the national platform, visit

FAQ Prepared by the City Committee of the Green Party of Philadelphia, July 2002.

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