Philly Green Party

Get Involved

There are several ways you can become involved in the Green Party of Philadelphia. First you can help work with specific issues of interest to you. Second you can help in general by adding value to Green efforts in Philadelphia.

  • SEPTA & Transportation Working Group Campaign Current Work: Petitioning and advocating for dedicated funding to build for Philadelphia a strong mass transit system, not SEPTA’s current plan of managing the decline of system. Contact: GPOP,
  • Literature CommitteeCurrent Work: Producing a brief monthly update on GPOP activities, updating the GPOP brochure, and other literature as needed.
  • By-Laws Working Group
    Current Work: Revising the nomination process, reviewing membership requirements, and considering changes in the schedule and structure of meetings. This may include working closely with the state and national party. 
  • Join the Green Party of Philadelphia
  • Join a Working Group
  • Come to a meeting or an event
  • Donate Money or Make In-Kind Donations
  • Subscribe to an e-mail list
  • Register Green
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