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Honkala Calls For Open Books In Sheriff’s Office

Posted in 2011 Philadelphia Municipal Election on Oct 17, 2011

Philadelphia Daily Record, October 17, 2011, page 4.

Honkala Calls For Open Books In Sheriff’s Office

      Philadelphia Sheriff candidate Cheri Honkala,, vows to create full transparency and accountability if elected. Her announcement follows reports that the Sheriff’s office will be transferring $40M of the $56M it has accumulated of unclaimed money from Sheriff’s sales going as far back as 1999.

      The Sheriff’s office under John D. Green had been withholding money from properties sold for larger sums than the owed on past-due mortgages, unpaid taxes and utilities. The office had been keeping the money in 13 separate bank accounts.

      “That money is owed to the people who put years of sweat and labor into their homes before being thrown out.” said Honkala, the Green Party candidate. “I plan on working to make right with these people.”

      Acting Sheriff Barbara Deeley has stated, “People who believe they have money coming to them should contact the Sheriff’s office.” Honkala feels it is the responsibility of the Sheriff’s office to find those they are indebted to and pay them what they are owed.

      Once elected, Honkala will come in as a true independent and work with local, State and federal law enforcement agencies to uncover what went afoul and to take the necessary steps to ensure it will not happen again.

      Honkala said, “The Sheriff’s financial records should be open and easily accessible by all the public. Had they been open during all those years under Democrat Sheriff Green, we wouldn’t be dealing with this mess today.”


For more information about Cheri Honkala’s campaign for Sheriff of Philadelphia, please contact 215-923-3747 and For more information about the Green Party of Philadelphia, please contact 215-243-7103 and

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