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Greens welcome PA Independents

Posted in Green Night Out on Oct 12, 2011

At Green Night Out on October 1, Jennifer Bullock, founder of Independent Pennsylvanians (IP),, explained to the gathered diners that her organization “supports issues and campaigns at the local, state and national level designed to increase the visibility and power of independent voters.”

According to Bullock, “IP is a movement; not a party. We are the PA affiliate of the Committee for a Unified Independent Party,, the progressive wing of the independent movement, which works to connect and empower the 38% of Americans who identify themselves as independents.”

“IP is an activist organization of independent voters,” said Bullock. “Our mission is to serve as a force for progressive, non-partisan reforms, such as Rep. Eugene DePasquale’s reform package of four bills including the Corporate Accountability Act, Early Voting Act (HB1001), Voters Choice Act (SB21) and Open Primary Act (HB 994).” [See:]

Bullock explained that “ Pennsylvania is a closed primary state, and IP is gathering signatures in support of open primaries in PA. We are also on a campaign asking the U.S. Congress to hold hearings on the barriers that independents face.”

In addition to Greens and independents, the event also welcomed Republicans, including City Council candidate David Oh and City Commissioner candidate Al Schmidt, who shared in a lively and wide-ranging discussion.

“Independent Pennsylvanians gave an illuminating and substantive presentation,” said Green Party member Peter Javsicas. “By advocating for reforms such as ballot access (SB21), they bring a valuable message to all the citizens of Pennsylvania .”

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