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Minutes, November Membership Meeting

Posted in General Meetings on Dec 07, 2017

Minutes, Membership Meeting
November 30, 2017 – 7 PM
Shissler Recreation Center, Fishtown

Greens in Attendance: Jarrett Anderson, Treasurer; Belinda Davis; Olivia Faison, City Committee Member at Large; Alexander Gillett; Hillary Kane; Taj Magruder, City Committee Member At Large; Asanetwaa Nkrumah-Ture; Chris Robinson, Membership Secretary; Ernest Schulte and Galen Tyler, Chair.
Others in Attendance: Tonya Ryva and Marlene Soifer. Absent: Georgie Georgeson, City Committee Member at Large.

This meeting was chaired by Galen, and minutes were taken by Chris with assistance from Belinda. [Draft minutes were circulated for additions and corrections on 12/2. Hillary submitted a correction. The minutes were then posted to the GPOP website on 12/7/’17.]

Everyone present celebrated the election of Olivia Faison on 11/7 to the office of Minor Party Inspector of Elections at Ward 60, Division 17.

A representative from Philadelphia Tenants Union had been invited to speak, but the person did not appear. This will be rescheduled because GPOP has endorsed PTU.

Outreach Working Group Report by Taj
The OWG has posted one News Release since the last meeting: “Green Party Wants Elected School Board,” which was written by Margie Neary.
The next OWG event will be the Welcome Party for New Members on January 28 at PhillyCam. Please see Announcements (below) for details. The OWG requested suggestions for a speaker at this event.
Hillary suggested that we invite Jessica Clayton, David Ochmanowicz, and Cem Zeytinoglu, all of whom are Greens elected this year to various PA School Boards. She thought we might focus on education as an issue.
Taj explained that OWG prefers a welcome party with one speaker. Any of the above would be welcome to fill that role, but an Education Forum might be considered as a separate event for later in 2018.
[Hillary sent the following correction: “FWIW, I only suggested Jessica Clayton as a speaker for the welcome party. Charles suggested adding Dave O and Cem, but I thought that might not work for the reasons cited by Taj. I think we tentatively agreed to possibly do the education themed event as a separate event in February.”]
Other suggested speakers for the Welcome Party: Stewart Chen-Hays (Judge of Elections in Newtown, Bucks County), Mike Dennis (GPUS Youth Caucus and LGBTQIA+ Caucus); Gloria Matera (New York, NY) and Darryl! Mock (Washington, DC). The latter three are members of the GPUS Steering Committee.
Chris recommended that OWG repeat last year’s successful organization of Greens to participate in the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day event on January 15.

Communications Working Group (CWG) Report by Jarrett
Jarrett explained that GPOP’s new NationBuilder website was under construction, and that GPOP’s communication with members will take place monthy in a multi-issue “newsletter” format.

Treasurer’s Report by Jarrett
Jarrett said GPOP has $1,325.38, plus $85 from pass-the-hat at this meeting. There were no major expenses during the last month.
Chris suggested that a fundraising email to GPOP members would give us a chance to tell our members all of the fantastic things we have done during 2017. This might appear at their Inboxes during the first week in January.

Election Operations Working Group (EOWG) Report by Chris
Chris apologized for the two great failures of EOWG during 2017: failure to organize a better nomination campaign in the spring and failure to organize more poll volunteers in the fall. Chris said that after two years of trying to build the EOWG, he recognizes that he is personally unable to motivate GPOP’s membership.
The details of Chris’ remarks may be found in EOWG Report #8, “General Election 2017: The Good and the Bad,” which was posted to GPOP Representatives on 11/28.

Report on Green Party of PA’s (GPPA) Quarterly Meeting by Alex Gillett
Alex reported the 35 delegates came to the meeting in Pittsburgh, which did not have a GPPA chapter last year. Alex also reported on GPPA’s dire financial situation, leading to its inability to afford NationBuilder. Kristin is seeking open-source alternatives to NB. We discussed the possibility of increasing regular contributions to GPPA, either or both individually or as a large city chapter.
Alex recommends GPOP members look to Slack for notes on the meeting. [Please see the Minutes of the GPPA Quarterly Meeting on 11/18.]
The GPPA Delegates amended the GPPA Rules (bylaws) so that GPPA will have six meetings/year. Three will be face-to-face, and three will be virtual. The next meeting of GPPA Delegates (open to any GP member) will be a virtual meeting at 10:00 am on Saturday, January 20.
Hillary offered her office, on the Penn campus, as a place where many of us could participate in the next meeting as a group (see Announcements, below).

City Committee Elections
Belinda asked when the campaign would begin for the next City Committee elections. In the past, our nomination campaign has begun late in the prior year concluding with a nominations meeting, January 25, and an election meeting, February 22. This will be organized by the City Committee at its next meeting on December 14.

There was no discussion of the following:
GPOP Issue Survey
On 4/27, the GPOP membership expressed a need for a survey of issues deemed important. The on-line survey was posted to the membership on 7/16. If you prefer a hard copy of the survey, please let us know.
Call for Candidates
Both the September and October GPOP membership meetings called for Green Party candidates for electoral races in 2018 and 2019. See the Minutes from the September GPOP Membership meeting for more on this topic. The City Committee decided to not post a news release about this call until after the 2017 General Election.
Election of GPOP Recording Secretary

Respectfully submitted by Chris Robinson, Membership Secretary.

(Please mark your calendars.)

December 14, GPOP City Committee Meeting, 7:00 pm, W/N W/N.
December 16 thru 17, GPUS Diversity Committee needs housing in Philadelphia for participants in an anti-oppression training class. If you have a spare bed or sofa, please contact Belinda at Belinda will be in touch soon with those who kindly offered accommodations.
HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! There will be no General Membership Meeting during the holiday season.
December 30, New Year Observance at the Drone War Command Center, Horsham, PA. This event has been endorsed by the Green Party of Philadelphia.


January 11, GPOP City Committee Meeting, 7:00 pm, W/N W/N.
January 15, The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service. Green Party events to be announced.
January 20, GPPA Virtual Meeting for Delegates, 10:00 am, at 3624 Market Street, Suite 5-W. Call 267-971-3559 for admission.
January 25, GPOP Membership Meeting, 7:00 pm, Nominations for 2018 City Committee, location to be announced.
January 28, Welcome Party for New Greens, 1:00 pm, PhillyCam.
February 8, GPOP City Committee Meeting, 7:00 pm, location to be announced.
February 22, GPOP General Membership Meeting, 7:00 pm, City Committee election, location to be announced.

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