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Statement of Purpose, Communications Working Group

Posted in Communications, News on Oct 30, 2017

Communications Working Group
Statement of Purpose & Goals

[Approved by the General Membership Meeting, October 26, 2017.]

To professionalize, modernize and bring consistency to GPOP communications, both internally (among GPOP membership) and externally (with the public).

1. Migrate to NationBuilder platform, which provides both a website and email component.
a. Approved at GPOP Membership Meeting on 9/28/17.
b. Next Steps:
i. Need current list of those subscribed to GPOP email lists
ii. Limit current emails from Chris’ Netzero Accounts to meeting reminders. Any other email notices to be sent to GPOP mailing lists should be approved by City Committee until new email system and procedures are established.
iii. Policies and procedures for sending emails to GPOP members will be established by the Working Group.
iv. Ensure content on can be archived on Nationbuilder website or linked from there.

2. Authority to draft and disseminate Press Releases & Statements
a. One member of Working Group can draft a press release or statement; should be approved via email by 2 additional members of the Working Group.
b. Next Steps:
i. Need Press contact list to be shared with Communications Working Group via excel document or Google docs.

3. Social Media
a. Authority to manage Admin functions of Facebook and Twitter and establish policies and procedures for adding new Admins and posting messages/creating events.
b. Next Steps:
i. Determine who currently has Admin rights on Twitter and Facebook.

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