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Minutes, June Membership Meeting

Posted in General Meetings on Jun 28, 2017

Minutes, General Membership Meeting
June 22, 2017
Shissler Recreation Center, Fishtown

Attendence: Jarrett Anderson, Treasurer; Christian Banchs; Belinda Davis; Ted Ellerkamp; Olivia Faison; Georgie Georgeson, City Committee Member At-Large; Alex Gillett, Hillary Kane; Richard Kanegis; Taj Magruder, City Committee Member At-Large; Margie Neary; Sheila Ptah; Rachel Rawlings, City Committee Member At-Large; Chris Robinson, Membership Secretary; and Ernest Schulte.
Absent: Galen Tyler, Chair; and Ian McShea, Recording Secretary.

This meeting was chaired by Rachel, and minutes were taken by Chris.

Membership Issues Survey
Taj reminded the membership about our current issues survey. So far there have been only 13 members who responded.

Rachel’s Resignation
Rachel resigned her position at City Committee Member at Large. She plans to remain active, but due to a death in her family, her life is a jumble. Rachel believes that she does not have enough time to devote to City Committee responsibilities.
Hillary nominated both Christian and Margie. They both declined the nomination.
Chris nominated Olivia, who graciously accepted.
Nominations to fill Rachel’s seat will remain open until July 27. Members will elect a new City Committee At Large Member at the July General Membership Meeting.

Discussion of Ian’s Prolonged Absence
Hillary suggested that Ian should be replaced on the City Committee because he has attended no meetings since the Special Election on March 31. Several City Committee members have reached out to Ian, but he has not returned text messages or messages via voicemail or email.
The members present discussed a method of removal. Then, the membership decided with no blocking votes, to consider removing a City Committee member only after a long absence or after extreme misconduct. The challenged City Committee member would then be offered a chance to appear in their own defense before their removal would be formally considered by the membership.
The membership then acted to notify Ian that he could speak in his own defense at the GPOP Membership Meeting on 7/27. Hillary will contact Ian concerning this decision. [Hillary’s email to Ian was posted on 6/22 at 8:02 pm.]
[Hillary sent the following: “My recollection of the Ian recall process was that we agreed that moving forward it would take two successive meetings to remove someone from office. A vote to remove someone from the City Committee would initiate the process, the person in question would be notified, and by default, they would have the next successive meeting to defend themselves and try to stay elected. If the General Membership voted in a second consecutive meeting to remove the person, that was it. Simultaneously, the vote to remove in the first meeting would also trigger a call for nominations, so that if there was a second successive vote to remove, an election for the replacement city committee member could also happen at that same second meeting, since a call for nominations had taken place the month before.”] [Rachel has agreed with Hillary.]

Amendment to the GPOP Bylaws
Margie recommended that the GPOP Bylaws be amended to remove two City Committee Members At-Large. There was a lengthy discussion of this proposal, with some members expressing agreement, while others objected. One member even suggested amending the Bylaws to increase the size of the City Committee by adding additional Members At Large.
The membership then decided by consensus that this topic should be tabled until there was a specific motion that specified which wording should be removed from the Bylaws and which new wording should be added.

Richard proposed that the Green Party endorse Lawrence Krasner for Philadelphia District Attorney. No one seconded this motion.

GPOP Participation in PhillyCam
Georgie reported PhillyCam classes began on 6/12. He would like other GPOP members to join him at those classes. Sheila was interested.

Working Group Reports
Outreach Working Group

Margie reported the following:
Georgie has completed design of the new GPOP Banner;
GPOP Outreach Working Group is involved with in the struggle to stop SEPTA’s fracking gas power plant in Nicetown. The next event will be at the hearing on 6/27 of the Phila. Air Management Office. Margie will circulate an email message for each member to post to Air Management;
GPOP Welcome Party for New Members will be held on July 8. Please RSVP on Facebook;

Electoral Operations Working Group
Chris reported that he had begun the search for Green Party candidates for 2018. Of special interest are the PA House contests for seats in Harrisburg. Chris has already contacted lists from NukeNet, EnergyJustice, Natural Gas Opponents, Gas Truth, Anti-Nuclear Research Network, Health Care for All Philadelphia, and Put People First. Please let Chris know of progressive organizations that should be contacted.
Chris also reported that 13 GPOP Representative have already collected 484 signatures on Jules4Judge nominating papers. There is another month to go. So please put two hours into collecting signatures. If we each do that, Philadelphia will be much closer to 1,000 signatures, which will be respectable.

Green Party Book Discussion
Hillary reported that the Book Discussion date has been changed to July 30. For information on the book, and to RSVP for the discussion, please visit Facebook.

Anti-Islamophobia Committee
The GPOP membership created this committee on 4/27. The committee made no report.

Treasurer’s Report
Jarrett reported that GPOP now has slightly more than $1,152.

July Events
7/8 Welcome Party for New GPOP Members, 1:00 pm, William Way LGBT Connumity Center;
7/13 GPOP City Committee Meeting, 7:00 pm, W/n W/n Coffee Bar;
7/27 GPOP Membership Meeting, 7:00 pm, Shissler Recreation Center, ; and
7/30 GPOP Book Discussion, 3:00 pm, Grindcore House.

Respectfully submitted by Chris Robinson, 215-843-4256.

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