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Time to Join our Spring Campaign

Posted in Election Operations, News on May 21, 2017

GPOP Election Operations Working (EOW) Group
Volume 2, #3
April 23, 2017


Spring has sprung, and the Green Party has already held its Wildflower Walk in the Wissahickon. Now is the time to join our Spring Campaign, if you are not already on board.
The rest of Report #3 will bring you up to date on what has happened with our Spring Campaign since Report #2 was posted to you on March 22. It is not too late for you to join us in building the Green Party, but more on that below.

Task: Organize Campaign Workers
The first aspect of our Spring Campaign is the distribution of our new flyer, “Register Green, Vote Green,” in the neighborhood where Green Party Representatives live. So far, we have completed two divisions, mine in Germantown and Charles’ in Oxford Circle East. Please let me know what date is good for you (afternoons or weekends), and I will bring flyers and help you pass them out door-to-door.
The second important aspect of our Spring Campaign is for us to get Jules Mermelstein on the November ballot as the Green Party candidate for judge of PA’s Superior Court. I have already posted a calendar of petitioning locations for your use and to this date we are making progress. Right now we have 107 signatures, collected by the following Green Party Representatives: Charles, Chris, Margie and Christian (double digits); and Georgie, Hillary, Jarrett, Taj and Vivek (single digits).
Please let me know when you are ready to join us in collecting signatures. The number one best location will be at your own polling place during the Municipal Primary on May 16. Every voter leaving the polls that day is eligible to sign the Jules Mermelstein nomination paper. Please take 5/16 off from work, or spend as many hours as possible joining us at your polling place.

I hope that you will also let me know in advance of events in your neighborhood. Then, Green Party Representatives can join you there to collect signatures. This process has worked well during the last two years, but it requires your active participation.

Task: Build an Infrastructure to Win Elections
Please consider joining the GPOP Outreach Working Group (OWG). These are the Greens who planned our Wildflower Walk in the Wissahickon, and who are planning our July Welcome Party for New Members and other exciting events. Their next Green Party Happy Hour will take place on April 28 at Bob & Barbara’s Lounge.
The May OWG meeting will take place at 2:00 pm on Sunday, 5/7, at the Gittis Student Center on Temple University’s campus. Please contact Outreach Co-chair Margie Neary for more information at 215-868-7290 and

Task: Recruit Green Party Candidates
Unfortunately, I have nothing new to report on this task. If you have made any progress, please send me the information.

Also, please let me know today: 1) when may I drop a clipboard with nominating papers at your house and 2) when would you like to flyer with me door-to-door in your neighborhood?

It is Good to be Green,
Chris Robinson, 215-843-4256
Membership Secretary
Green Party of Philadelphia

PS: Members of the GPOP EOW Group are called “Green Party Representatives.” According to a motion approved by the GPOP membership on September 30, 2015, the EOW Group has three tasks: “recruiting Green Party candidates who will campaign for office; organizing people to work on those campaigns; and building an infrastructure that will be able to win electoral campaigns.”

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