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Minutes, March Membership Meeting

Posted in General Meetings on Mar 29, 2017

Minutes, General Membership Meeting
March 23, 2017

Meeting was held at Shissler Recreation Center in Fishtown, Philadelphia.

City Committee in attendance: Galen Tyler, chair; Chris Robinson, membership secretary;, Jarrett Anderson, treasurer; Rachel Rawlings, at-large; Georgie Georgeson, at-large; and Taj Magruder, at-large. Absent: Ian McShea, recording secretary.
GPOP members in attendance: Eric Hamell, Margie Neary, Olivia Faison, Ernest Schulte, Scott McCarthy, Alex Gillett , Belinda Davis, Vivek Ananthan and Asantewaa Nkrumah-Ture.
Friends of GPOP in attendance: Cynthony Dench, Olivia’s mom; Andrew Chang, treasurer of Green Party of Montgomery County (Montcogreens); Julia Scancchio, secretary, Montcogreens.

Galen chaired the meeting, and (in Ian’s absence) Rachel took minutes. Meeting called to order at 7:10 by Galen with printed agenda prepared by Margie.

Campaign Updates
Cheri Honkala Special Election
, 3/21, update by Galen
3/24, 9am, public counting of printed ballots
Cheri’s lawyers petitioned to find out disposition of ballots
Commissioners allowed staffers to take ballots home until count?
Letter sent calling for new special election
Federal Court Monday or Tuesday to decide on whether to hold new election

Open discussion:
Taj recounted shenanigans from multiple polling places from Cheri’t twitter/fb
Asantewaa recommended Cheri’s page and plans to celebrate tomorrow at the count. We need to be prepared for whatever legal battle ensues. The PanAmerican mental health clinic is where Leslie Acosta embezzled funds and is run by Freddie Ramirez, so why was that a polling place?
Rachel said that calling for another special election would be counterproductive
Galen said Green ethics require a special election to make every vote count
Cynthony said that tomorrow if Cheri is declared the winner, it’s in spite of the cheating
Jarett: Cheri already said she will not recognize the reults, so we need to act in accordance
Galen: I’ve been involved in elections but never in a group this close-knit and personal. “At least 80-90% of the folks voting for Cheri, they [the dems] tried to stop them.”
Scott: It’s crazy to contest the results if we win.
Taj: As the green party we stand by our values even if we win, and we say the election was corrupt.
Asantewaa: Are we conceding?
Galen: No, but based on reports it’s almost impossible we won. Some polling places put out copies of the same tape.
Julia: Wasn’t there a loophole allowing us inside?
Galen explained that most polling places were hostile to Greens but had close-knit Dem presence. West Kensington Ministry (Cheri’s polling place) was the worst

After about 40 minutes, Rachel moved to table the discussion of a GPOP formal statement. Galen seconded. Discussion of formal statement tabled by 9 to 2 vote. Language will be crafted after the City announces the results.

General Election, 11/7
Jules Mermelstein for Judge of Superior Court

Julie reports that Jules Mermelstein and Bob Casey will be in Scranton on Monday, 3/27, at “Save the EPA” event organized by Food & Water Watch. Temple Hesed, 6:30-9:30 pm
Chris spoke with Jules last week. GPOP began circulating his nominating petition last night and Jules needs volunteers for his Philadelphia campaign. Please contact Chris to volunteer for Jules Campaign.
Andrew: Jules needs a financial director, without whom he cannot raise funds.
GPOP endorsed Jules by consensus.

Sheila Ptah for Philadelphia Controller
Sheila Ptah did not come to the meeting. Chris reports Sheila told him she was not going to run for Philadelphia Controller. [Belinda adds: “There is some lack of clarity concerning whether or not Sheila will run.”]

Additional Candidates for Local Offices
Olivia plans to run for inspector of elections in Ward 60, div 17.
Eric plans to run for election inspector in 59, 21
Jarrett moved to endorse both Eric and Olivia. Taj seconded. Endorsement made by consensus.

Working Group Reports
GPOP Outreach Working Group
(OWG) report by Margie:

* OWG plans to host a Happy Hour for us at w/n w/n on Fri March 31st from 6-9pm. ” “Be open. Think Croissant not bagel.” A Facebook event has been posted.
* Earth Day park walk, 4/22, meet up at Wissahickon Transportaiton Center
* Logo contest: no submission yet other than Georgie’s: Green Diamond with the Liberty Bell. 11 votes for, 1 against adopting George’s logo. He will receive a $25 gift cert
* “Register Green, Vote Green” Flyer now translated into Spanish
* GPOP members have been meeting with Solidarity Forum
* Next OWG meeting, 4/2, 2:00 pm at Gittis Center, Temple Univ.
* Asantewaa: Let’s coordinate with Cheri’s campaign and encourage her volunteers to join the Green Party
* George; Let’s do something next year for St. Pat’s Day.

GPOP Education Committee
Discussion of Ecology and Socialism by Chris Williams, 4:00 pm, Grindcore,
Electoral Operations:
Chris had nothing to report.

Election of GPOP Delegates to GPPA:
GPOP has 14 delegates to the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA) and 8 alternates, elected for a one-year term in office. GPPA delegates meet quarterly, usually in central PA. Next GPPA meeting is Sat, April 29, in Phoenixville.

Chris nominated himself and Kristin Combs.
Taj nominated himself.
Galen nominated himself, Cheri Honkala, Liz Ortiz. (Cheri and Liz accepted nominations via SMS.)
Scott, Margie, Alex, Ernest each nominated themselves
Belinda and Georgie nominated themselves as alternates.
Slate of 10 delegates and 2 alternates, approved by consensus
No picture of City Committee taken today because Ian absent

Climate Justice
Margie reported that 350 Philadelphia asking for GPOP endorsement of their opposition to SEPTA natural Gas power plant near Wayne Junction. 1/3 of kids in neighborhood have asthma.
Voice Vote to endorse by consensus.

Galen: We need to get out more and build coalitions with community activists
Scott: Our goal is to change the political system and empower communities. We’ll need a message
Georgie: When people ask what we’re going to do, you invite them in.
Belinda the original German green party objected to the split between electoral politics and activism around progressive issues. They tried to design a party which would merge both elections and activism.

Treasurer’s report by Jarrett
Printing and Cheri campaign took a lot out; current account is $916.43. Pass that hat!

Other announcements:
Sunday night 6pm at the Church, Cheri’s campaign will have a discussion about the election and next steps.
May Day USA Beef & Beer Dance Party, fundariser at SEIU Hall. Vivek has tickets.
The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Future Events
3/31 – Happy Hour at W/N W/N, a worker cooperative, 913 Spring Garden Street. A Facebook event has been posted. An email announcement and flyer are in the works.
4/2 – GPOP OWG Meeting, 2:00 pm, Gittis Student Center, Temple University, 1755North 13th Street, North Philadelphia.
4/2 – GPOP Book Club, 4:00 pm, Grindcore.
4/13 – GPOP City Committee Meeting, 7:00 pm, Gittis Student Center, Temple University, 1755North 13th Street, North Philadelphia.
4/22 – Earthday walk in Wissahickon Park. Organized by OWG’s Margie.
4/27 – GPOP General Membership Meeting, 7:00 pm, location to be announced.
May ? – GPOP Bowling Event. Coordinated by Taj.
June ? — Welcome Party for New Greens being planned by OWG’s Margie.
June — Picnic in the Park being planned by OWG’s Murielle.

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