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Happy New Year, Green Party Representative!

Posted in Election Operations on Jan 23, 2017

GPOP Election Operations Working (EOW) Group
Report #19, December 29, 2016

Happy New Year, Green Party Representative!

I know that you are looking forward to building the Green Party in the new year, but first I want to tell you what a good job we all did for Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka during the General Election.

I am sure you have heard that we received 0.94 percent of the vote in Philadelphia for President and Vice President of the U.S. In other words, Stein/Baraka did much better in Philadelphia than they did in the rest of Pennsylvania, where they received only 0.80 percent of the vote. The larger vote in Philadelphia was directly attributed to the presence of Green Party Representatives at the polls.
This Report will bring you up to date on what has happened since Report #18 which was posted on October 20. We are looking forward to an energetic 2017, and I hope that you will continue to be active along with our other 39 Representatives on at least one of the following tasks.

Task: Organize Campaign Workers
Once again, you and I have demonstrated the importance of poll workers on election day. Our strategy for winning elections was validated this year as it has been consistently since 2010. In the 2016 General Election, our 15 poll workers (covering 20 divisions) did an excellent job. Those 20 divisions averaged 1.59 percent for Stein/Baraka.
Even more impressive, seven Green Party Representatives were able to take more than double the percentage for the rest of PA, and two of our Representatives actually did three times the average for the rest of PA.
So, let me congratulate all of our 14 Representatives who worked with me at the polls on November 8: Kassie (Haddington), Vivek (Center City East), Ernest and Ian (Wister), Bernadette Marie and Beverly (Roxborough), James (University City), Hillary (Cedar Park), Detrice Nicole (Fern Rock), Robert (Kingsessing), Khummit (Wynnefield), Charles (Oxford Circle East), Natasha (Mayfair) and Cheryl (Holmesburg).

Since the election, we have been joined by Margie (Roxborough), who is also co-chairing the GPOP Outreach Committee. Margie has volunteered to be our Representative at her polling place during 2017. Of course, our strategy will not work at polling places which do not have a Green Party Representative. This is why we are spending so much effort to build our network of Representatives.

Task: Build an Infrastructure to Win Elections
The GPOP Outreach Working Group has been revived with new Representatives who have joined us recently. Co-chairs of the GPOP Outreach Working Group are Margie (Roxborough) and Taj (Point Breeze). This revitalized organization has already had two successes under its new leadership. The Outreach Working Group has prepared a new flyer for distribution when the weather warms up. It was designed by Georgie (Bella Vista). Plus, the Outreach Working Group has already posted its first news release, written by Margie.
In addition to Vivek, Ian, Georgie and James, who were listed above, the Outreach Working Group also includes: Murielle (Center City East), Belinda (Chestnut Hill), Cheri (Fairhill), Andy and Amanda (Roxborough), Asantewaa (North Philadelphia North), Jarrett and Martha (South Philadelphia), Joan and Eric (Germantown), and Galen (Torresdale).

Outreach Working Group projects now include: scheduling Green Party representation at the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day events; pulling together a Welcome Party for New Members; organizing neighborhood distribution of our new flyer; more media publicity; and an analysis/strategy subcommittee. Please let me know on which of the above projects you plan to work.

Task: Recruit Green Party Candidates
On the day the Electoral College met, the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA) announced the start of the Green Wave, which will recruit candidates for future elections. Stan Horwitz (Fairmount West) has volunteered to be the GPOP Representative to Green Wave. I hope that a couple more Representatives will look closely at Green Wave and decide that this is the kind of work they would like to do. Please let me know if you would like to be a GPOP delegate, and I will introduce you to the Green Wave co-chairs.

It is Good to be Green,
Chris Robinson, 215-843-4256
Membership Secretary
Green Party of Philadelphia

PS: Members of the GPOP EOW Group are called “Green Party Representatives.” According to a motion approved by the GPOP membership on September 30, 2015, the EOW Group has three tasks: “recruiting Green Party candidates who will campaign for office; organizing people to work on those campaigns; and building an infrastructure that will be able to win electoral campaigns.”

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