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Minutes, GPOP General Membership Meeting, 3/23/2016

Posted in General Meetings on Apr 05, 2016

Green Party of Philadelphia
General Membership Meeting
Minutes from Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Roma’s Pizza, Roxborough

Present: Alex, Beverly, Ernest, Chris Robinson, Melinda Briceno Keith, Benjamin Keith, Kevin Keith, Bernadette Cronin-Geller, Charles Sherrouse, Eric Hamell, Belinda Davis, Richard Kanegis

The meeting was chaired by GPOP Chair Galen Tyler.

After introductions and announcements, an agenda item was added on action concerning affordable housing, specifically concerning the building of luxury condos on the site of the old Garrett-Dunn house at 7048 Germantown Ave., but also more broadly. There was consensus on a motion of support for Bernadette’s interest in pursuing the issue, and a request to her that she put together relevant information and a specific plan of action to bring before the membership.

The group discussed the Presidential Caucus and outreach event scheduled for 4/16, specifically concerning outreach. Galen noted that the idea for the event was about trying something different, to capture people’s attention, and provide a space for those who are interested to ask questions and discuss issues of general concern to them, without plunging directly into the nitty gritty of a typical membership meeting. It was resolved that all should commit to word of mouth, sharing on GPOP’s and individuals’ own Facebook pages, inviting people from the event’s own FB page, and calling from phone lists. Chris will distribute phone numbers call to those who request them. He also agreed to send out a press release on the event, once there are further specifics to distribute. Beverly suggested we also considered paid advertising on the event in local papers (including the Weavers Way Shuttle), for this and/or other GPOP meetings and recruitment events. It was agreed the planning committee should invite the presidential candidates to participate at the caucus meeting by Skype or through representatives to speak on their behalf. Galen suggested it was important to follow up the event with discussion of what did and did not work in terms of creating a kind of prototype for future such outreach events, which would ideally be held all over the city.

There was discussion of the phrasing “a war on women” in a GPOP publicity flyer, and of how well it communicated the concerns of GPOP and GPUS. It was determined that this be further discussed at future meetings.

Concerning the candidate petitioning drive: Chris is building the GPOP Election Operations Working Group, which consists of Green Party members who represent GPOP at their own polling place. These Green Party Representatives will work the polls on Primary Election Day, April 26, to collect signatures on our nominating papers. Chris reported that we now have 10 polling places covered. Building this infrastructure will be important also for this and future primary elections, during which the representatives could gather signatures for Green candidates. It was suggested that when we make calls to tell people about the event on 4/16 that we also talk with them about the petition drive.

Concerning current new members: Chris has contacted the six new registered Greens in town, of whom four expressed interest in active participation.

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