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Green Nomination Petitioning Has Begun, I

Posted in Election Operations on Mar 12, 2016

GPOP EOW Group Report #7
February 28, 2016

Hello, GPOP Representative.

At the General Membership Meeting of the Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP) on February 24, I received the 2016 Green Party Nomination Papers. GPOP Representatives like you and I will be the volunteers who collect signatures from our neighbors – and who recruit other people to help us. I plan to drop off nomination papers at your home next week. Please let me know if you need a legal-sized clipboard.
At the GPOP meeting, Eric and I traded offices. Eric is now City Committee Member at Large, and I am now Membership Secretary. Hillary, the other GPOP Representative running, was re-elected to be Treasurer. I plan to write something about the new GPOP City Committee. If you have questions for me to pose to them, please send them to me soon – like, right away!
Now I would like to bring you up to date on what has happened since Report #6, which you received on February 9.

Task: Recruit Green Party Candidates
I believe we are about finished recruiting candidates to run for office on the Green Party ballot in 2016. The nomination papers we are working with include: candidates for President and Vice President of the U.S., PA Attorney General, PA Auditor General, and PA State Treasurer. Any additional candidates will have to be registered as Green Party voters before March 28.
I regret that we have not yet been able to recruit any candidates for PA State Representative. Each State Representative Division is roughly one-third the size of a City Council District in population and geography. This is the easiest office campaign to run, and it is a good jumping-off point for people who are beginning a political career.
Prof. Vera Cole, known as the “guru of solar energy” in PA, sent me contact information for John Brown, who she believes would make a good Green Party candidate for PA State Representative. I have written to John Brown, and I will let you know what he has to say.
I have also been in touch with a lawyer, MK Feeney, about running for Philadelphia District Attorney in 2017. She is now building a private practice (after 14 years as an assistant district attorney), and she is not yet prepared to become a public figure. Perhaps tomorrow!

Task: Organize Campaign Workers
There are many good places where you can collect signatures on nomination papers. I prefer farmers markets, dog runs in the park, and the steps of Weavers Way Co-op. There are also some excellent events scheduled as the weather warms up.
April 26. The Primary Election is absolutely the best place for you to collect signatures because it is the most concentrated group of registered voters. Please make time to volunteer at your neighborhood polling place between 7:00 am and 8:00 pm. There will be a good turnout because of the presidential sweepstakes, and every single voter is permitted to sign your nomination paper.
May 1. The May Day Festival in Clark Park, 43rd Street and Baltimore Avenue, usually has a good turnout. We will have a Green Party table which you can use as a base. Bring your children or grandchildren because the playground there is excellent.
May 1. Chestnut Hill Home and Garden Festival, is not as good as the May Day Festival, but it might be more convenient for you. There will be many Montgomery County voters, so be sure that you have Montgomery County nomination papers with you.
May 7. Mount Airy Day, is always a good place to collect signatures, and it is fun for the whole family: live music on two stages, a Kid Zone, and plenty of vendors. The Green Party will have a table which you can use as a base.
Please let us know of street festivals in your neighborhood.

The GPOP Presidential Caucus will take place on Saturday, April 16, and you will receive an invitation to attend and to cast your ballot.
We each have work to do in recruiting more GPOP Representatives. Please send me the contact information for any of your friends or neighbors who say they might be interested in volunteering for the Green Party in their own neighborhood.

Task: Build an Infrastructure to Win Elections
The following GPOP Representatives were elected to office at the Green Party Membership Meeting on February 24: Treasurer Hillary Kane (Ward 46), and Eric Hamell and Chris Robinson (both from Ward 59). The other GPOP City Committee members are not yet GPOP Representatives. Perhaps tomorrow they will join us.
I have to admit that I have not worked very hard on this task because the others seemed to be so much more urgent. The Green Party still needs volunteers to help us with the following: website construction, email list, publicity and fundraising. Can you help with any of these projects? Do you have any of the required skills? If not, are you ready to learn these skills?

Please respond to this email and let me know what you would like to do to help us build the Green Party.
It is Good to be Green,
Chris Robinson, 215-843-4256
Membership Secretary
Green Party of Philadelphia

PS: Members of the GPOP EOW Group are called “GPOP Representatives.” According to a motion approved by the GPOP membership on September 30, 2015, the EOW Group has three tasks: “recruiting Green Party candidates who will campaign for office; organizing people to work on those campaigns; and building an infrastructure that will be able to win electoral campaigns.”

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