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Green Party Joins Americans Against Fracking

Posted in Ban Fracking, Press Releases on Jan 07, 2013

The Green Party of Philadelphia,, has joined Americans Against Fracking, a new national coalition. Chris Robinson, a member of the Green Party City Committee, made this announcement on January 2, saying, “The Green Party is glad that there is finally a national organization calling for a complete ban on fracking for gas.”

Americans Against Fracking,, is a coalition of more than 150 environmental organizations. They oppose fracking because it is a direct and immediate threat to the drinking water, air, climate, food, health and economies of communities across the United States. The advisory board of Americans Against Fracking includes film writer/director Josh Fox, alternative rock singer/lyricist Natalie Merchant, Oscar-nominated actor Mark Ruffalo, and environmentalist/author Dr. Sandra Steingraber.

“Since 2010, the Green Party has demanded a ban on all fracking in Pennsylvania,” explains Chris Robinson. “The practice of high pressure hydraulic fracturing has been demonstrated to introduce pollution of air, land and water to our beautiful Commonwealth. With widespread fracking, the agricultural products produced near the gas wells will not be fit for human consumption, the water flowing from counties that host fracking will not be safe for communities that lie downstream, and the tourism (fishing, hunting, skiing, and sightseeing) in areas north and west of Blue Mountain will wither under the influence of fracking’s industrial activities. The economic profits from fracking will be extracted from our state by oil and gas companies. Even though the two corporate parties are in league with fracking, the Green Party will have none of that!”

The Green Party took a firm stand against fracking in 2008 and has organized since then to win a ban on fracking in Pennsylvania. Currently, the Green Party is circulating a petition that says, “Fracking poses an unacceptable risk to drinking water, having caused serious environmental damage. It is a real threat to public health.” The petition concludes, “We need to ban fracking now!”

Carol McLean, GPOP membership secretary, considers the health effects from fracking to be a significant issue. She explained, “We cannot leave decisions about fracking to our politicians; they are not in our corner. The potential profits reaped from fracking are astounding. Our representatives must hear our voices and know that we place our communal health above the interests of oil companies and corporations.” McLean said, “I hope that other Philadelphia groups and organizations will also join Americans Against Fracking.” For more information on ways to oppose fracking, please call 215-243-7103 or email

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