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Greens Support Student Walkout03.14.18

Greens Support Student Walkout and Calls for Action on Gun Control

The Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP) supports Philadelphia students participating in today’s (3/14) National School Walkout to protest Congress’ inaction on gun control legislation. A vast majority of Americans support more gun control, and our government’s years of inaction are yet another example of how we do not have a functioning democracy. Today we stand with the students and call for action on gun control in the Pennsylvania legislature.

The recent gun control legislation passed in Florida marks a major victory for student and family activists from Parkland. “We salute the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School for turning this tragedy into a call to action. It’s thrilling to see young people stepping so powerfully and fearlessly into the role of activist to create the change they want, need, and deserve,” said Michael Georgeson, GPOP Recording Secretary.

The new legislation in Florida, however, does not go far enough in meeting the demands of the student activists and the demands of millions of Americans. The Florida bill does not ban assault weapons and does not ban high-capacity magazines, nor does it strengthen background checks. The bill does, however, allow superintendents to arm school personnel, a provision introduced by Democratic State Senator Randolph Bracy. The GPOP is baffled by this move as it ignores the clearly expressed views of both students and educators. The GPOP is firmly against armed personnel of any form inside of schools and believes that more guns in schools will lead to more children being shot, especially children of color.

This conversation about school safety fails to acknowledge the structural disinvestment from and neglect of our children and our social supports, thereby exacerbating social problems like poverty and inequality. Corporate politics have failed to connect the danger of school shootings with the original danger of structural inequality and the erosion of access to health and support services. It’s alarming that politicians can find the money to arm school personnel but not supply them with living wages or basic supplies like paper and up to date textbooks.

We call for the PA legislature to ban assault weapons, ban high-capacity magazines, and strengthen background checks. We also call for Greens in Philadelphia and beyond to support the student walkout by showing up at a walkout near you. As Claudia Elquist of the Green Party National Women’s Caucus said recently, “it’s time for us to simply show up, lend support, let the kids have the microphone…this is the time to follow, not to just send out press releases to the public.” We hope you’ll join us in applauding and standing alongside the students who choose to walk out today.


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New Leadership for Philadelphia’s Green Party03.04.18

Members of the Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP, elected their 2018 leaders while meeting at Shissler Recreation Center in Fishtown. The new leadership is young and energetic, two characteristics which will be useful in their rejuvenation of the Green Party. This was recognized by Margie Neary, the newly elected GPOP Membership Secretary, who had told the Greens, “lf elected, I would bring positive energy, organizational skills and fresh ideas to the position.”

The new GPOP City Committee will be the youngest in its history, and it is already faced with several long-term problems, including a dwindling Green Party membership. This is the result of a continuous membership slide during the past eight years.
Another obstacle is the constant turnover in Green Party leadership. New ideas and youthful vigor are, of course, beneficial to any political party. GPOP, however, has changed leaders every two years in the face of a 25 percent membership decline from 2,033 voters in November 2010 down to 1,551 voters in November 2017.

Fortunately, newly elected GPOP Chair Taj Magruder recognizes the challenge before him. In running for office, Magruder told the members in a campaign statement, “I want to increase the number of registered Greens and ensure we recruit and support more candidates for public office.” Most of the other members of his new City Committee expressed similar desires.

Christian Banch, newly elected as City Committee Member at Large, had spent 2017 on the Pennsylvania Green Party steering committee. Banchs gave a more specific anticipation of his plans for GPOP’s future. “Some things I would like to get done,” said Banchs, “would be to build on our infrastructure for communication with membership, recruit more members via increased outreach, build coalitions with organizations for issue based campaigns, increase the number of registered Greens in Philadelphia and recruit a candidate to run a viable campaign for upcoming elections.”

New GPOP Recording Secretary Michael “Georgie” Georgeson said, “My main goals going forward are to continue using my skills as a professional graphic designer and animator to increase the general public’s knowledge of the party and invite more people into our party.”

For information about the Green Party of Philadelphia, please email Follow them on Twitter at @GreenPartyofPHL and on Facebook at
Chris Robinson is a freelance poet and writer. He was a member of the GPOP City Committee from 2011 until 2017. He may be reached at 215-843-4256 and

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