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Greetings from GPOP Chair04.20.13

Future Focus and Sustainability
“Our actions and policies should be motivated by long-term goals. We seek to protect valuable natural resources, safely disposing of or ‘unmaking’ all waste we create, while developing a sustainable economics that does not depend on continual expansion for survival. We must counterbalance the drive for short-term profits by assuring that economic development, new technologies, and fiscal policies are responsible to future generations who will inherit the results of our actions. Make the quality of life, rather than open-ended economic growth, the focus of future thinking.”
— One of the Green Party’s Ten Key Values,

Greetings, GPOP NEWS Member.

      The Green Party of Philadelphia is beginning the process of building a political party capable of fielding candidates and supporting them. It is organizing Campus Green chapters on the many Philadelphia campuses to provide volunteers for a voter registration drive this summer (2013) and candidate nominating petition efforts in 2013 and 2014. The number of signatures required in the next state-wide election might be as high 62,511. To withstand a possible challenge to the validity of the signatures, we should collect double the amount or 125,000 signatures.  To accomplish this, 60-80,000 signatures have to come from Philadelphia and its suburbs, and this will mean we need at least 200 trained signature gatherers. 

      We can get those people in Philadelphia. In addition we are reaching out to activists in the Eastern part of Pennsylvania to organize weekend bus or van trips to Philadelphia to take advantage of public events which generate tens of thousands of visitors who are ripe to be petitioned.

      Our first event was organizing Pennsylvania Greens to circulate nominating petitions for Bill Swartz in York, running in a special election for state representative. Philadelphia Greens joined Greens from Montgomery and Centre Counties in York, PA, on March 22. Because of the cold and blowing snow we were but modestly successful. It was, however, the first in what will be many opportunities for Pennsylvania Greens to help each other. To get additional news of the Pennsylvania effort, consult Progressive Greens of Central PA on Facebook,

Alex Gillett
Chair of the City Committee
Green Party of Philadelphia

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Earth Day Protest Against Fracking, 4/2204.11.13

Title: Earth Day Protest Against Fracking
Date: Monday, April 22, 2013
Time: 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Location: Dept. of Environmental Protection, 2 Main St., Norristown, PA
Notes: Join the Earth Day protest at your regional DEP office to demand our public officials:
• Appoint an environmental expert without industry ties as DEP Secretary to ensure DEP’s mission is fulfilled;
• Place a moratorium on permits for gas wells, compressor stations, pipelines, water withdrawals, coal mines, and other infrastructure related to fossil fuel extraction;
• Allow no more toxic secrets and full disclosure of water tests and other studies by DEP;
• Provide justice for those harmed by the oil and gas industry; and
• Reopen the DEP Office of Energy and Technology Deployment to develop solar, wind and other renewable energy technologies.   

This protest has been called by the Green Party of Pennsylvania and endorsed by more than 40 organizations, including Brandywine Peace Community, Food and Water Watch, Green Party of Bucks County, Green Party of Montgomery County, Green Party of Philadelphia, Physicians for Social Responsibility and Protecting our Waters.For more info: Green Party of Phila. 215-243-7103 or

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Greens to Meet04.10.13

Greens to Meet

Wednesday, April 24
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Cavanaugh’s Restaurant
119 South 39th Street (at Sansom Street)
University City, Philadelphia
Easily accessible via
SEPTA’s Market Street line (40th Street Station).


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Minutes, GPOP Membership Meeting on 3/27/201304.09.13


This meeting began at 7:00 p.m. at Liberty Choice Market, 1947 North Front Street (at Norris) in Kensington, Philadelphia. The meeting was chaired by Alex Gillett. Minutes were taken by Chris Robinson.


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