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Green Night Out – Why Unions are Losing the Class War05.28.12

Reminder from:   gpopnews Yahoo! Group
Title:   GREEN NIGHT OUT — Why Unions are Losing the Class War
Date:   Saturday, June 2
Time:   6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Location:   Singapore Restaurant
Street:   1006 Race Street
City State Zip:   Philadelphia, PA
Contact:   215-243-7103 and
Notes:   GREEN NIGHT OUT welcomes labor activist, Jim Moran, who will discuss “Why Unions are Losing the Class War” at 6:00pm on Saturday, June 2. Moran is a member of the Communication Workers of America, Local 38010, and founder of Philadelphia Area Project On Occupational Safety and Health (PHILAPOSH). Moran points out, “Union membership peaked in 1979. We should look at what unions are doing wrong.”

Enjoy this stimulating discussion and an endless supply of vegetarian, kosher Chinese food for only $25/person. Green Night Out is open to the public. Please join us at Singapore Restaurant in Chinatown. RSVP (space is limited) to the Green Party at 215-243-7103 and


grassroots democracy - social justice - nonviolence -ecology

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GPOP Proposal for Public Schools05.28.12

The following document was authorized on May 12 by the City Committee of the Green Party of Philadelphia and was published on the website of The Philadelphia Public School Notebook,   

Green Party Proposal for Philadelphia’s Public Schools

The Green Party of Philadelphia,, recognizes that Philadelphia’s public schools are facing a crisis. Philadelphia has the eighth largest school district in the nation by enrollment, with 154,482 students in 257 schools. This number includes privately managed and alternative education schools. There are 40,483 students enrolled in 74 charter schools. Additionally, Philadelphia is the only county in Pennsylvania that does not have an elected school board. (more…)

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Greens to Meet – 5/24/1205.22.12

Greens to Meet

Thursday, May 24

7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Dream House Asian Bistro,

6127 Ridge Avenue in Roxborough
(Easily accessible via SEPTA’s 27 Bus and 9 Bus. Free parking on Dupont Street , off Ridge Avenue .)
Philadelphia, PA 19128
215-243-7103 and


National gathering for the Occupy Movement (June 28—July 4)
Vivek Ananthan, GPOP chair, will lead a discussion concerning Green Party participation in this Philadelphia event.

Green Party Presidential Nomination drive
John Gonzalez, chair of the Phila. County petition drive, will describe our successes:
how many people are collecting nominating signatures in Phila. and
how many signatures have they collected to date.
What is the Green Party strategy for involving Democrats and Independents in this drive?

Presidential Caucus at General Membership Meeting
Dave Butler will lead a discussion about the pros and cons of holding the next GPOP Presidential caucus (2016) at a GPOP General Membership meeting.
Is this taking on too much at one meeting?

Proposal for two New Committees
Should GPOP’s members create a Success Committee and/or an Outreach committee.. This topic was postponed at the March General Membership because there were not enough GPOP members.

If you have something you would like added to this agenda, please contact GPOP prior to meeting at 215-243-7103 or This meeting is open to the public with no admission charge. Food and beverages are available, but no obligation to purchase.

Cannot attend? Please send a contribution to help build the Green Party. Checks and money orders payable to “GPOP” may be mailed to Green Party Treasurer, Belinda Davis, 331 East Gowen Avenue , Phila. , PA 19119 . You may also contribute via PayPal at

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5/12/12 Green Night Out – 1776 Revolution05.20.12

OpEdNews, Saturday, May 19, 2012

1776 Revolution Much Like Occupy Movement

By Chris Robinson.

Green Night Out, on May 12, welcomed Nathan Kleinman, Occupy Philadelphia activist, who lead a discussion of ways in which the American Anti-Colonial Revolution in 1776 provided examples for today’s Occupy Movement.

While consuming a delicious meal, Kleinman told the diners, “Aspects of the American Revolution, which have been left out of the history books, are useful for emulation by today’s Occupiers. Most people are not aware that the American Revolution was a people’s insurgency which lasted ten years.” (more…)

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