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Cynthia McKinney for President06.19.08

Cynthia McKinney is the leading Green Party candidate for President.  It is expected that she will be officially nominated by the Green Party on July 12 at the GPUS Convention in Chicago, IL.

McKinney is running for several reasons:
1) Bring issues to the public that the two major parties are ignoring
2) Help the Green Party  get 5% of the vote and therefore qualify for federal election funding
3) Forge a new progressive coalition — The Power to the People Coalition — with the Green Party, the Reconstruction Party, and other

In Pennsylvania, our immediate goals are to:
1) get Cynthia on the ballot
2) raise $5,000 so that Cynthia can get federal matching funds for her campaign

And of course, help get her elected!

To help with any of these goals, contact the Green Party at 215-243-7103.

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Celebrate Hillary06.18.08

Join Hillary, our local Treasurer and state Chair, in celebrating her birthday.

Birthday Bash
7:30 pm (following General Meeting)
Tuesday, June 24th
LAvA Zone, 4134 Lancaster Avenue

Refreshments, wine, Victory beer, music and auction.

$5-$15 benefits GPoP and GPPA, free if you attend General Meeting (6:30 pm) or if you bring a filled petition sheet.

Bring “presents,” anything that you have lying around, and we will put it out in our silent auction.  If you have the perfect gift for Hillary, don’t worry.  She can bid on it too.

Don’t forget your dancing shoes.

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Folks Concert By Tom Neilson06.15.08


2008 Finalist, Plowshares

2007 Winner, South Florida Folk Festival

2006 Just Plain Folks awards for best folk song & folk album; Nominee for spoken word.

2006 Finalist,  Kerrville Folk Festival

This is very good music and very good politics. Tom Paxton

He’s the Jon Stewart of folk music. Kerrville Folk Festival



June 22

7:00 PM


Monthly Meeting

47 W. Coulter St


Admission $10

Bring your voices for an evening of music & constitutional rights

Politically cutting-edge, incisive, warm, & very funny; Raucous political satire &, quick wit; had everyone laughing & engaged.

Cathy Gilbert, Miami Dade Green Party

Creative & compelling; skewers the outrageous behavior of the greedy & powerful in corporations, the media & government.

Ray Korona, People’s Voice Café Collective, New York City

Does a great job of reminding people of what is really important, and the power of folk music to say it.

Michael Stock, WLRN, Miami, FL

One of the most savvy political songwriters I know.

World Soul Records

Offensive, disrespectful, and unpatriotic.

Fred, caller, talk radio, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

For mor information, contact

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