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About the City Committee07.01.06

The City Committee is responsible for general administration of the organization and implementation of the decisions of the membership as a whole. The City Committee corresponds to the Steering Committee in other organizations. Legally the City Committee constitutes the officers of the Green Party of Philadelphia and is responsible for formally confirming electoral nominations. For details, see our bylaws.

Meetings Open to All

Check the GPOP calendar for scheduled City Committee Meetings.  The City committee meets on an ad hoc basis about once a month. Please contact the Green Party to find out the next City Committee meeting date.  (, 215-243-7103).


For City Committee minutes, please send an email request to

City Committee Members

The Green Party of Philadelphia elected its first City Committee and approved a set of official bylaws at the February 6, 2001 Membership Meeting. All City Committee members  serve one-year terms and are elected at the February General Membership Meeting annually.  The current City Committee members are:

Chair Charles Sherrouse
Membership Secretary Mike Nance
Recording Secretary Traci Confer
Treasurer Hillary Kane
At-Large Vivek Ananthan
At-Large Esther Croft
At-large vacant


Green Party of Philadelphia
PO Box 41827
Philadelphia, PA 19101
(215) 243-7103

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