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About Literature Committee05.17.05

The literature committee was created at the November 2002 general meeting. It is currently working on two projects: creating monthly one-page Green updates for the general public, and updating the GPOP pamphlet.

Contact Alex Gillett at to help.

Current literature

New brochure
The brochure has just been updated as of June, 2003. The current brochure includes descriptions of our City Council candidates as well as a huge amount of information for people new to the Green Party. We’re about to do a massive printing of these, so if you’d like to distribute brochures, send an email to The final brochure will be printed on recycled paper with soy ink at Hare Bros., a union printing press.
The inside and outside of the brochure are in PDF format.

Monthly updates
We have been publishing monthly updates which include a calendar of progressive events in the Philadelphia area, essays by GPOP members on current issues or events, and other information for Greens in the city. If you’d like to write about a topical issue, or have an event to submit, contact
Monthly updates are in PDF format for downloading.

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Pro-Democracy Working Group05.17.05

GPOP salutes the efforts of, a cool City Hall watchdog site. Contact your representatives! Check out campaign finance information!

The Green Party of Philadelphia supports the Voter’s Bill of Rights and is a proud co-sponsor of the Summer 2001 Pro-Democracy Convention in Philadelphia.

Voters’ Bill of Rights:

  1. Strict Enforcement and Extension of the Voting Rights Act.
  2. Abolishment of the Electoral College.
  3. Clean Money Elections.
  4. Instant Runoff Voting.
  5. Proportional Representation.
  6. Voting Rights for Former Prisoners.
  7. Make Voting Easier and More Reliable.
  8. Easier Access to the Ballot, the Media, and Debates for Candidates.
  9. Create Independent and Non-Partisan Election Bodies.
  10. Statehood for the District of Columbia.

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Education/Public Schools Working Group05.17.05

The education working group is currently working with Philadelphians United to Support Public Education to oppose privatization of Philadelphia’s schools and advocate for genuine reform. We are also working with Good Schools Pennsylvania to promote equitable funding statewide. We have developed a position statement on public education which has yet to be approved by GPOP.

Recommended articles:


    Rethinking Schools publishes a (very good) quarterly newsletter on urban education issues; all or most articles available online. They also have a lot of good publications and links to other sites.
    A lot of great resources for teachers on current and historical events. Great catalog of books and videos, and great links (not just for teachers).
    National Center for Fair and Open Testing. Opposes misuse of standardized testing and advocates for “educationally sound” testing. Fact sheets, publications, networking, etc.
    Public Education Network. Works for systemic reform, including changes in funding formulas, curriculum and assessment, site-based decision making and school-community relationships. Site includes articles, “toolkits,” publications and other resources.
    Research for Action. Philadelphia-based organization involved in education research and reform. Lots of information, publications and links.
    Center for Commercial-Free Public Education. Provides information and support to community groups working for commercial-free and community-controlled schools.
    Good Schools Pennsylvania. Coalition of Pa-based groups working to mobilize communities across the state to advocate for systemic education reform. Emphasis on funding, standards and accountability.
    Website of the Philadelphia Public School Notebook

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