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Make Elections Fairer10.21.09

Q: How can you make our elections fairer?

A: Run them yourself.

This November, Philadelphians in each division will elect a Judge of Elections, a Majority Inspector and a Minority Inspector. Green Party members and independents have the same right to run for these positions as anyone else.

One of these spots can be yours! You’ll need less than 20 petition signatures to get on the ballot. We can help you gather them.

If you win, you’ll be trained for the job and receive $100 each primary and general election day for serving your community. You’ll help ensure fair elections by participating in electoral politics at the very roots of grassroots democracy, and bring political diversity to the election board.

Meanwhile you’ll connect with your neighbors and help build the Green Party. To find out more, call Brian at (215) 243-7103 or e-mail

Act on your Green Party principles
Serve on your local election board

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