Traci Confer for State Rep in the 174th District

As a full time activist and part time computer consultant, Traci Confer has helped communities across Pennsylvania to protect themselves from environmental hazards. She is currently Co-Director of ActionPA. Confer has served as the coordinator for the Student Environmental Action Coalition's Speakers Bureau and as Secretary for the Green Party of Philadelphia. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Geography.

Campaign issues:

  • Reverse illegal pay raise; link legislative pay to the income level of poor Pennsylvanians.
  • Secure dedicated funding for transit systems.
  • Reduce medical costs through state-level single-payer health care plan.
  • Decriminalize marijuana; promote drug treatment over incarceration.
  • Section 8 landlord oversight; equal geographical distribution.
District Map

Green Party of Pennsylvania
Green Party of Philadelphia
Mike Rosenberg, 188th Legislative District

1434 Elbridge St
Philadelphia PA 19149