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Stop the Wars and Build the Resistance10.30.11



Title:   Stop the Wars and Build the Resistance
Date:   Saturday, November 5
Time:   12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Location:   Broad Street & Susquehanna Avenue
Phone:   215-243-7103

Join the Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations,, for a national rally and march.
Oppose imperialist wars and support the righteous resistance of the people in struggles to regain their resources, sovereignty, dignity and happiness. Stop the wars against African people in Africa, inside the U. S. and Europe and around the world. Stop the wars against Native people, Mexicans and so-called illegals. Stop the domestic wars against Muslims and Arab people.
We are marching to change the contours of the political terrain in Philadelphia by forcing a public anti-imperialist discussion that will expose neocolonial, indirect imperialist rule used against the people of Philadelphia , the U.S. and the world. We are going beyond the traditional anti-war movement. We are not only opposing the popularly recognized wars abroad. We are not simply calling for peace. We are not pacifists; we are anti-imperialists who recognize that the way to stop the wars is to build resistance to imperialism itself.

Endorsed by the Green Party of Philadelphia , For more information, please contact 202-681-7040 or email
This event is free and open to the public.

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Philly Greens Call Curfew, “new Jim Crow”10.30.11


In response to Philadelphia City Council’s hearings into a new curfew, the Green Party of Philadelphia City Committee took a public stand on October 22, against the Democratic/Republican establishment. City Council’s hearings into the criminalization of youth, demonstrated that Philadelphia is against such a curfew. This did not stop City Council from passing the curfew law in a bi-partisan fashion on October 27. Since the law was proposed by Mayor Michael Nutter, most observers expect him to sign it.
__________________________ (more…)

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Last Party for Cheri Honkala before the General Election10.27.11

Last Party for Cheri Honkala before the General Election

Cheri Honkala, Green Party Candidate for Sheriff of Phila.


Sunday, October 30, from 2:00pm ‘til 4:00pm

Cheri’s campaign office, 718 Market St . , Phila.

RSVP: 215-243-7103 or email

If you haven’t been to one of our parties for Cheri, here’s your chance to get involved.

If you partied with us before, you know how much fun we have.

Great food, drinks and company, plus we have a fantastic candidate!

Cheri Honkala is the only candidate running on a platform of zero tolerance for home foreclosures. Show your support for Cheri and come out on Sunday, October 30th. If you cannot attend, please send your check to: `Friends of Cheri Honkala,’ c/o Hillary Kane, Treasurer, 5031 Catharine Street , Phila. , PA 19143 or contribute via Paypal at

Suggested giving: Supporter, $25; Associate, $50; Friend, $100; but any amount is appreciated and needed.

Please RSVP and let us know we can count on you. Also, we want to make sure we have plenty of food and beverages for everyone!

Call 215-243-7103 or email



Volunteer for Cheri Honkala for Sheriff on November 8.

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The meeting began at 7:00 pm at Crossroads Coffeehouse, 6165 Ridge Avenue in Roxborough, Philadelphia.

were taken by Chris Robinson, At-Large GPOP City Committee, in Mike Nance’s absence.
Facilitated by Carol McLean, GPOP Membership Secretary. (more…)

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GREENS TO MEET – 10/24/1110.17.11

Date:   Monday, October 24
Time:   7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Location:   Crossroads Coffeehouse,
Street:   6156 Ridge Avenue, Roxborough
City State Zip:   Philadelphia, PA 19128
Phone:   215-243-7103 and

Now is the time for change in Philadelphia . The nation is taking a big turn, and voters are fed up with the two corporate parties. If you care about what is happening, now is the time to join the Green Party.

At this Green Party meeting, we will discuss the Cheri Honkala campaign for Sheriff of Philadelphia , You may volunteer to canvass in your neighborhood and to take your place at the polls, working for Cheri on Tuesday, November 8.

Now is not the time to be a witness: now is the time to participate! Join in! Become involved! Represent the Green Party at Occupy Philly. Donate (food, blankets, pillows, sweaters, coats, etc.) to the sisters and brothers occupying Philly.

Greens will also discuss improving elections in Pennsylvania . Help us lobby for the Voters Choice Act, SB21, which will allow more political parties and more candidates (including independents) to be listed on the ballot. This will give you more choice, and it will improve our society.

Greens will also elect two members to fill vacancies on the Green Party City Committee.

This meeting is open to the public. A free will offering will be accepted.

If you are not able to attend, please send your check or money order made out to “GPOP” to Green Party Treasurer, Belinda Davis, 331 East Gowen Avenue , Phila. , PA 19119 . You may also contribute via Paypal at

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Honkala Calls For Open Books In Sheriff’s Office10.17.11

Philadelphia Daily Record, October 17, 2011, page 4.

Honkala Calls For Open Books In Sheriff’s Office

      Philadelphia Sheriff candidate Cheri Honkala,, vows to create full transparency and accountability if elected. Her announcement follows reports that the Sheriff’s office will be transferring $40M of the $56M it has accumulated of unclaimed money from Sheriff’s sales going as far back as 1999. (more…)

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General Membership Mtg. Agenda (10/24/11)10.17.11



This meeting will take place promptly at 7:00 p.m. at Crossroads Coffeehouse, 6156 Ridge Avenue in Roxborough, Philadelphia.
SEPTA access via Bus lines 9, 27 and 32. (more…)

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Greens welcome PA Independents10.12.11

At Green Night Out on October 1, Jennifer Bullock, founder of Independent Pennsylvanians (IP),, explained to the gathered diners that her organization “supports issues and campaigns at the local, state and national level designed to increase the visibility and power of independent voters.” (more…)

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Voter’s Choice Act Program10.09.11

Date:   Friday, October 21
Time:   6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Location:   Shady Maple Farm Market & Smorgasbord
Street:   129 Toddy Drive
City State   East Earl , PA 17519
Phone:   215-243-7103 and

PA Ballot Access Coalition,, will have a buffet dinner at the Shady Maple Farm Market & Smorgasbord, State Senator Mike Folmer will attend and speak about PA BAC’s Voter’s Choice Act, SB21.

Shady Maple Smorgasbord has more than 200 feet of buffet, heaped with Lancaster County ‘s finest cooking, prepared in the traditional Pennsylvania Dutch way. Daily features include six meats, 14 vegetables and other grilled specialties, plus 40 different salad bar items and 25 mouth-watering desserts.

This event is open to the public. Admission is $30/person in advance. Please call 610-543-8427, and send your check or money order to: PA BAC, P.O. Box 449 , Swarthmore , PA 19081 . Admission at the door is $40/person.

All proceeds will be used to help modify PA’s onerous ballot access laws which restrict ballot access for independent and third party candidates. If you cannot attend, please take this opportunity to send a donation.

More information from

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Greens Say Phila. City Council Broke the Law!10.09.11

On September 22, Philadelphia ’s City Council broke the law. It redistricted Philadelphia into ten new Council districts which are not equal in population. The Green Party of Philadelphia,, is fed up with City Council. We expect that Mayor Michael Nutter will veto this legislation because it does not meet federal standards. (more…)

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