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Green Party Lobbies For Voters’ Choice06.12.11

Philadelphia Daily Record, Thursday, June 9, 2011, page 6.

Green Party Lobbies For Voters’ Choice

The Green Party of Philadelphia [GPOP,] has begun a campaign to win support in Harrisburg for the Voters’ Choice Act, which is currently bottled up in the Pennsylvania Senate.

The Act (SB 21) will change the definition of a political party to allow participation by more parties in the electoral process. At the present time, political parties other than Democrats and Republicans are frequently excluded from the ballot by onerous rules. The result is citizens are deprived of the opportunity to vote for third-party candidates because their names are so difficult to get on the ballot.


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If Elected Sheriff, She’ll Go To Jail!06.12.11

Philadelphia Public Record, Wednesday, June 2, 2011, page 5.

If Elected Sheriff, She’ll Go To Jail!

By Jim Tayoun.

Cheri Honkala.

Neither Democrat State Rep. Jewell Williams (D-N. Phila.) nor Republican Joshua West may be aware, and most voters won’t know until the week before Nov. 3, Cheri Honkala, the feisty, nationally renowned crusader for the homeless, will be also seeking the office for Sheriff, on the Green Party ticket.


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Greens endorse Antipuna for City Commissioner06.12.11

The Weekly Press, Wednesday, June 1, 2011.

Greens endorse Antipuna for City Commissioner

By Chris Robinson.

Green Party members and friends met on May 26 to discuss their current and future elector campaigns and other actions designed to mobilize the voting public.

Cheri Honkala spoke about her campaign as the Green Party candidate for Sheriff of Philadelphia, She has opened her center-city campaign office. Honkala has gotten a good bit of publicity for her priority issue, ending foreclosures and evictions until the Iraq depression ends.


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Greens endorse Lobby day in Harrisburg , 6/706.12.11


May 16, 2011



Chris Robinson, 215-843-4256 and

Greens endorse Lobby day in Harrisburg , 6/7

Meeting in Northern Liberties on May 12, the leadership of the Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP, endorsed the Anti-Fracking Rally and Lobby Day in Harrisburg at 9:00 am on Tuesday, June 7. “The Green Party published a formal position against fracking for gas in 2008,” said Chris Robinson, “and we are looking forward to this opportunity to explain Green Party values to our legislators.”


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