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Green Party at Not in Our Name Impeachment Festival this Saturday10.15.08

Not in Our Name

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Green Party at Not in Our Name Impeachment Festival this Saturday

Join the Green Party of Philadelphia at the Not in Our Name festival this Saturday, October 18, 11 AM-5 PM, at Malcolm X Park, 52nd & Spruce Streets, in West Philadelphia.

The two goals of the event are: 1) educate the public on the Bush administration crimes, and their lasting ramifications to our rights, plus the need for Congress to push for an 11th hour impeachment. 2) In addition, give people of Philadelphia, the opportunity to sign the petition in support of a resolution before the Philadelphia City Council.

The theme/focus, of the event, is for participating activist organizations to depict certain Articles of the Resolution presented by Dennis Kucinich on June 9, 2008 on the floor of Congress, as a detailed explanation of the action/crime spelled out in that resolution, and what resulted from that crime, and its long-lasting effect on our democracy.

The Green Party of Philadelphia will be depicting Article XIV: Reckless Misspending and Waste of U.S. Tax Dollars in Connection with Iraq and US Contractors.

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