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Philly Greens to Amazon: “Stay Away”10.17.17

Green Party to Amazon: Stay Away from Philly

PHILADELPHIA, PA – On October 19, cities across the country will submit their proposals to become the home of Amazon’s new $5 billion headquarters. The Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP) City Committee condemns Mayor Jim Kenney’s decision to enter Philadelphia into this competition while ignoring the harsh reality of the poor and working class citizens of Philadelphia. Far from improving our city, an Amazon headquarters would only exacerbate the crises we already face.

Amazon, which made $136 billion in revenue in 2016, is demanding tax breaks from the city it selects as its new home. Philadelphia cannot afford any more corporate welfare. The city has already given Comcast a ten-year property tax abatement in addition to tens of millions of dollars for Comcast’s new Center City building. It seems Mayor Kenney, a willing participant in Amazon’s bribery, can somehow put money on the table for Amazon but can’t seem to do so for the people of Philadelphia.

Philadelphia is the poorest big city in the U.S. Over 400,000 Philadelphians live below the federal poverty line, including 37% of the city’s children. Childhood hunger has more than tripled in parts of Philadelphia since 2006. But instead of using city money to end this crippling poverty, Mayor Kenney has promised millions of dollars to a massive corporation that only pays an average of 13% in taxes. Lauren Hitt, the Mayor’s communications director, has even said the city could overhaul its tax system for Amazon, saying, “We do have business taxes, but that’s something that could be looked at in the scope of Amazon coming here.”

Amazon claims its new headquarters will create 50,000 jobs, but Amazon has long been waging war against workers. The company has vigorously and consistently fought against its employees’ attempts at unionization and treats its workers with deadly disregard. In 2011, Amazon stationed ambulances outside its Allentown warehouse, where a lack of air conditioning allowed temperatures to rise over 100 degrees and caused 15 employees to collapse. A 2015 report by the New York Times detailed Amazon’s vile corporate workplace practices, including placing a woman who had recently had a stillborn child on a “performance improvement plan.”

According to S&P, Amazon “has been a major indirect contributor to higher housing prices and rents.” In Amazon’s current home of Seattle, rents have skyrocketed by 57% since 2011 and housing prices have increased as much as 13% per year. Philadelphia is already dealing with a housing crisis, and an Amazon headquarters would put that crisis into overdrive. The median house price in Philadelphia has soared 33% in the last decade, while the city lost 20% of its low-cost rental units between 2000 and 2014. By refusing to house the homeless but promising millions to house a multi-billion-dollar corporation, Mayor Kenney reveals his morally bankrupt priorities that put profits before people.

The Green Party of Philadelphia encourages all city residents to call Mayor Kenney at 215-686-2181 on Thursday, October 19 and tell him they oppose bringing Amazon to Philadelphia.

Taj Magruder, a Member At-Large of the GPOP City Committee, said, “It’s time to put a stop to corporate welfare in Philadelphia. We refuse to sell our city to Amazon.” Chris Robinson, GPOP Membership Secretary, said, “I agree with Taj that we must ban Amazon from Philadelphia. The Green Party sees the economy as being a support for a harmonious community and a healthy environment. Contrary to the two corporate parties, the Green Party platform says that ‘the giant multinational corporation [like Amazon] is the world’s most potent force for environmental and social destruction.’ Mega-monopolies like Amazon will find no friends in a Green Philadelphia.”

The Green Party is an independent political party founded on the four pillars of grassroots democracy, nonviolence, ecological wisdom, and social justice. For information about the Green Party of Philadelphia, please email Follow us on Twitter at @GreenPartyofPHL and on Facebook at

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Philly Greens Elect New Leaders03.03.17

The members of the Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP) have elected new leaders. This election marks a major turn for Philadelphia’s opposition to the two corporate Parties. Meeting at Shissler Recreation Center in Fishtown, Green Party members elected a seven-person City Committee (think “steering committee”) with only two incumbents. The other five new members have never before held elected leadership posts within the Green Party. The election was moderated by Kristin Combs, chair of the Green Party of Pennsylvania.

This new City Committee is significantly younger than the leaders they replaced. For instance, three of the new City Committee members are in their twenties. They are replacing leaders whose average age was 52 years.

The newly-elected Green Party leaders included, Recording Secretary Ian McShea (Ward 12, Wister); Treasurer Jarrett Anderson (Ward 48, South Philadelphia); and three new Members At-Large: Georgie Georgeson (Ward 2, Bella Vista); Taj Magruder (Ward 36, Point Breeze) and Rachel Rawlings (Ward 27, University City). The two incumbent, re-elected Greens were Chair Galen Tyler (Ward 65, Torresdale) and Membership Secretary Chris Robinson (Ward 59, Germantown).

All of the new leaders have already earned their stripes doing volunteer work. McShea, a carpenter, represented Green Party presidential/vice-presidential candidates Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka at the polls in 2016, and he is presently training poll workers for Cheri Honkala’s Campaign for PA Representative in District 197. Magruder has been the co-chair of the GPOP Outreach Working Group.

Anderson, a middle school teacher, has managed for six months the GPOP twitter account (handle, @greenpartyofphl), which has more than doubled in followers. Anderson said that he plans to “amplify the Green Party message via Twitter and grow our contact with individuals and organizations in the Philly area. I also hope to use GPOP Twitter so that the public knows that the Green Party is much more than the environment.” He continued, “I want people to see the breadth of the Green Party platform and the connectedness of our Four Pillars: ecological wisdom, social justice, grassroots democracy, and nonviolence. We need to be drawing connections between these issues, and Twitter is a great platform for us to do this.”

Georgeson, a graphic designer, has created flyers for the Green Party and is currently working on their new logo. Georgeson said,“I plan to use my skills as a graphic designer as well as my involvement with the local activist community to help increase awareness of the Green Party and our Four Pillars; especially among those that have been left out in the cold by the two corporate parties and are looking for some real, life-saving change.”

Rawlings, a computer systems administrator, volunteered on Kristin Combs’ campaign for Philadelphia City Council in 2015. “I want to increase our visibility and viability so that we can compete in every city and state election, including having two candidates for at-large council seats in 2019.”

The Green Party is an independent political party founded on the four pillars of nonviolence, grassroots democracy, ecological wisdom and social justice. For information about the next Green Party meeting, please call 215-843-4256 or email

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Welcome Party for New Greens, 2/401.23.17

Welcome Party for New GPOP Members
– By Marge Neary, co-chair, GPOP Outreach Working Group

On Saturday, February 4th, the Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP) is hosting a Welcome Party for New Members at the William Way LGBT Community Center, 1315 Spruce St., from 1PM to 3PM. All Greens, old and new, are invited to attend, including anyone who simply wants to learn more about the Green Party. The Welcome Party is an opportunity for new members – and for those who are interested — to socialize, build friendships and community, and learn about specific ways to get involved. Belinda Davis, GPOP Recording Secretary said, the Welcome Party will allow voters “to learn about what Green Party members have been doing, and to figure out how they would like to get involved and move the Green Party forward. Greens are interested in both electoral politics and other forms of political action.”

The event will feature two speakers, Kristin Combs and Cheri Honkala. Kristin Combs was the Green Party candidate for Philadelphia City Council At-Large in 2015 and most recently ran as the Green Party candidate for PA State Treasurer in 2016. Cheri Honkala was the Green Party Vice Presidential Nominee in 2012 and ran for Sheriff of Philadelphia in 2011. She is an anti-poverty advocate, co-founder of the Kensington Welfare Rights Union and co-founder and National Coordinator of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign. The GPOP City Committee will be on hand for an extensive Q&A session.
“We are happy to welcome so many new voters,” said Chris Robinson, GPOP Membership Secretary, “and we know that their energy will help us become even stronger in 2017.”
There will also be information available on the structure and operations of the GPOP, as well as helpful handouts on how to register as a member of the Green Party and how to run for elected office as a Green Party candidate. Representatives from local activist groups friendly to the GPOP will be on hand to provide information about how to support their work.

It will be a potluck style party, so attendees are encouraged to bring a small dish or snack to share, but need not bring anything to attend.
The Green Party embraces our responsibility to the community and the world, and works to participate in making the City of Philadelphia a model of a just and sustainable society.
The Green Party is an independent political party founded on the four pillars of nonviolence, grassroots democracy, ecological wisdom and social justice. For information about the next Green Party meeting, please call 215-843-4256 or email

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Green Party Ideas for the Next Mayor of Philadelphia06.11.15

“The Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP) recognizes that less than thirty percent of the members of the Democratic and Republican Parties voted in the recent Primary Election and have now chosen two candidates for mayor,” said GPOP Chair Glenn Davis following the Green’s membership meeting on May 27 at Dream House Asian Bistro in Roxborough. “Those two candidates will now be observed and questioned by the great majority of voters, who did not participate in the primary election,” continued Davis. “The Green Party has many good ideas, which should be considered by the next mayor. Therefore, our membership has voted to offer some Green Party policies for consideration by the two candidates Melissa Murray Bailey and James Francis Kenney. We hope that Philadelphia’s voters will evaluate the responses of Bailey and Kenney before deciding between them.”


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Green Party says, “Fund schools without property tax increase”04.25.15

The Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP, objects to Mayor Michael Nutter’s budget for Fiscal 2016 because it heaps the cost of school services upon poor and working people. Meeting on April 22 at Cavanaugh’s Restaurant in University City, Green Party members rejected Nutter’s proposed tax increases and urged Philadelphia’s City Council to tax the wealthy to pay for the public education of future citizens.

In his budget address on March 5, Nutter requested that City Council provide $103 million more for public education. Green Party members agree with this request. Chris Robinson, a member of the GPOP City Committee from Germantown (Ward 59), said, “For too long, our city and state leaders have starved public education. Mayor Nutter should have made this request six years ago. The Green Party has highlighted this problem for many years, and we will continue to argue for a larger investment in public education.”

While visiting Kensington Health Sciences Academy on April 9, Nutter added some additional criteria for funding an increase in public school investment. He said, “Let’s cut the phoniness. Let’s be serious about educating kids.” The press reported that Nutter then asked for “concrete, achievable, and annually-recurring plans” to come up with the cash.

Nutter would like to pay for this investment with another increase in property tax, which is not supported by the Green Party. The Green Party City Committee decided in 2012 that the best way to pay for quality public education was to get the money from giant businesses and mega nonprofits.

The Green Party has long opposed the take-backs forced on school employees by a School Reform Commission appointed by failed-Governor Tom Corbett. The Green Party has also opposed tax increases on poor and working people, like the cigarette tax passed by City Council in 2014.

Since 2012, the Green Party has urged City Council and the Mayor to fund an increased investment in public education using methods which are concrete, achievable and annually recurring. Any of the following three methods, which will tax the wealthy, will meet the criteria of both Mayor Nutter and Green Party members:

CUT THE FREE PASS. City Council should reduce the current 10-year property-tax free pass to just five years. The current free pass benefits the new, the few, and the well-to-do, while making long-time residents and businesses pay more.

GOOD NEIGHBOR PAYMENTS. Right now, the mega nonprofits (think, Hahnemann University Hospital, the University of Pennsylvania, and others) pay no taxes on their profitable property. Since these nonprofits use city services (think, police and fire), Mayor Nutter now has a duty to issue an executive order on such payments, which was requested of him by Council on March 26.

USE AND OCCUPANCY (U&O) REFORM. Philadelphia’s 2013 AVI reform of real estate taxes shifted $200 million dollars away from businesses and onto homeowners. Instead of another property tax increase like the one requested by Nutter, City Council should raise the U&O tax rate on big businesses to restore fairness to the property-tax code. This change should exempt small businesses.

These three funding methods would allow poor and working citizens to see a better education for their children, while having that investment paid for by giant businesses and mega nonprofits that require a better-educated supply of labor and customers.

Hillary Kane, treasurer of GPOP from Cedar Park (Ward 46), said, “Education of all children should be one of our main responsibilities.” Kane, who is also a delegate to the Green Party National Committee, points to the Green Party Platform, which says, “We must stop disinvestment in education and instead put it at the top of our social and economic agenda. Effective schools have sufficient resources. Too many of our teachers are overworked, underpaid, and starved of key materials.”

The Green Party has also published a proposal for Philadelphia’s public schools, which describes the structural changes needed to improve public education. This document can be found by visiting

The Green Party is an independent political party founded on the four pillars of social justice, nonviolence, grassroots democracy, and ecological wisdom. For more information about the Green Party of Philadelphia, please telephone 215-243-7103 or email

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GPOP Approves of Cancellation of PGW Sale12.15.14

The City Committee of the Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP, approves of the cancellation of the sale of the Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) to UIL Holdings. The Green Party is also looking forward to a new plan for Philadelphia to become a hub of sustainable energy.

While the headlines read “Nutter faults Council: Clarke blasts mayor,” none of that bickering mattered to the GPOP City Committee. The important thing for the Green Party was that a terrible disaster had been temporarily derailed. In June 2012, the GPOP City Committee took a firm stand against the sale of PGW saying that “Mayor Michael Nutter has failed to make his case in favor of selling PGW to the highest bidder.” [See: Greens Stand Against Sale of Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW),” June 2012, GPOP News Release,]

The reasons for Green Party opposition to the sale of PGW were more principled that those of Philadelphia’s City Council. The Green Party has historically stood against privatization, the process of transferring ownership of a public service or property from the government to a for-profit business or to a non-profit organization.

“PGW is not unique,” said Kristin Combs of Port Richmond, GPOP recording secretary, “Many of Philadelphia’s services, including public schools, risk privatization. The Green Party will work to ensure that public services are structured to serve the community, not corporations.”

“The Green Party is opposed to privatization of the Philadelphia Prison System, Streets Department and Water Department,” said Glenn Davis of Haddington, GPOP chair. Generally, the Green Party platform says that Greens are “firmly opposed to privatization and contracting-out of public services. A government that works for us would provide critical goods and services that should not be run for profit.”

In 2012, Belinda Davis of Chestnut Hill, then-treasurer of GPOP, warned, “Privatization of basic utilities is the most egregious example of erring on the side of profit for the few at the expense of the needs of the many. After the most recent examples of corporate greed and its disastrous effects, why would the city even think of selling PGW, except as a short-term budgetary fix? This is short-sighted in the extreme, and the residents of Philadelphia will have to pay for it.”

During 2013, the Green Party joined a coalition of labor unions and consumer, neighborhood and environmental organizations opposed to the privatization of PGW. The Keep PGW Public Coalition maintained a lobbying presence in the offices of City Council and in the streets of Philadelphia.

It is clear that the Green Party is the only political party with a progressive plan for advancing the economy of the Delaware Valley and creating living-wage jobs for every worker. Chris Robinson of Germantown, a member of the GPOP City Committee, said, “Greens plan to make Philadelphia a hub for sustainable energy by expanding research and development of solar, wind and geothermal energy and expanding public transit. When Greens defeat the two corporate parties, we will reduce the demand for energy through worker-owned conservation co-ops, and Philadelphia will become a green city in fact — not just in name.”

The Green Party of Philadelphia is an independent political party which stands for ecological wisdom, social justice, grassroots democracy, and non-violence. For more information about the GPOP, please contact 215-243-7103 and

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Green Party Excited by Prospects in 201511.28.14

The City Committee of the Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP, thanks Glenn Davis for his exciting campaign for PA House District 190. Glenn Davis,, gave the voters of District 190 a unique alternative to the incumbent. Running on a marginal budget, Davis was honored to receive the vote of 734 of his neighbors, which was 4.3 percent of the total.

The Green Party is planning to build upon Davis’ success by running candidates in local Philadelphia elections to be held during 2015. Chris Robinson, a member of the Green Party City Committee, said, “People who are fed up with the two corporate parties should consider running for office on the Green Party ballot line. Most voters understand that the Democrats and Republican have no plan to improve our quality of life. The corporate politicians seem content to keep our children uneducated, they have no desire to reverse climate change, and they are unconcerned about mass incarceration. Only the Green Party runs candidates on a platform to improve our culture, our economy and our environment.”

“The Green Party also plans to educate voters and register new Green Party members during 2015,” said Glenn Davis, who is the chair of the Greens’ City Committee. “We will spread the word that there is now an independent alternative to the two corporate parties, a Green Party that takes no funding from corporations.”

Hillary Kane, the Green Party’s treasurer, said, “I am looking forward to 2015, which will be a local election year. We have so many important issues here in Philadelphia such as public school funding and high poverty. I will be excited to get behind a Green Party candidate who will shed light on these crucial matters.”

For more information about running for local office as a Green Party candidate or becoming a member of the Green Party of Philadelphia, please contact 215-243-7103 and

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Philly Greens Call for Runoff Voting06.02.14

The Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP, has issued a call for a reform of the voting procedures used in Pennsylvania. At the present time, a candidate for office is able to declare victory and take office without earning the support of a majority of the voters.

The problem with the present voting system became evident in the Democratic Party primary election held on May 20. There were several electoral contests in which a victor was declared even though a majority of voters cast their ballots for other candidates.

“The Pennsylvania system is unjust,” said Glenn Davis, a chair of the Green Party City Committee from Hestonville in West Philadelphia. “We call this a representative democracy, but we insult that name with every ballot cast.”

“During the May primary,” explained Chris Robinson, member of the GPOP City Committee from Germantown, “the most influential contest in which democracy was flaunted was the state-wide primary to choose a Democratic Party nominee for Lieutenant Governor.” Mike Stack was declared the winner, even though he earned only 47 percent of the vote. A total of 394,325 Democrats (53 percent) voted against Stack and in favour of one his four opponents. Robinson continued, “This clear example demonstrates that our failing electoral system allows a candidate to advance without the support of a majority of the electorate.”

The political platform of the Green Party of the U.S. says, “We believe in majority rule and reject the present method of election without a majority. Accordingly, we call for the use of instant runoff voting . . . to guarantee that the winner has majority support and that voters are not relegated to choosing between the lesser of two evils.”

A more egregious example was the declaration of Brendan Boyle as the winner of the Democratic Party’s primary for District 13 of the U.S. House of Representatives. Boyle earned only 41 percent of the vote, while 35,871 Democrats (59 percent) voted against Boyle and in favour of one his three opponents.

There were similar problems with the primaries for PA State House of Representatives. Karen Chellew was declared the victor in District 145 with only 43 percent of the voters on her side. Leslie Acosta was declared the victor in District 197 with only 49 percent of the voters in her corner.

Perhaps the most outrageous scorning of democracy took place in the Democratic Party’s primary for PA Senate District 4. In that contest, Art Haywood has been called the victor with only 40 percent of the vote. A total of 24,030 Democrats (60 percent) voted against Haywood and in favour of the other two candidates.

Davis said, “There will be additional problems in the General Election when the participation of smaller parties – without a runoff – might allow a candidate with a very low voter acceptance to take office. The Green Party is actively seeking a change in these foolish voting procedures.”

The Green Party is an independent political party based upon grassroots democracy, social justice, nonviolence and ecological wisdom. For more information about the Green Party, please contact 215-243-7103 and

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Green Party Favors Single-Payer Healthcare Legislation03.31.13

Pittsburgh-area legislator to introduce Family and Business Healthcare Security bill in current legislative session, while Healthcare 4 All releases results of Economic Impact Study

The Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA, extends its sincere gratitude to Senator James Ferlo of Pittsburgh for his continued work toward a state-based single-payer healthcare plan. During past legislative sessions Senator Ferlo has been the lead legislator in the Pennsylvania Senate on this issue. The Greens also extend congratulations and appreciation to the non-profit organization, Healthcare 4 All PA,, which has worked tirelessly to help Pennsylvanians on a path to meaningful and civilized health coverage.


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NOT GUILTY: Stein, Honkala, Fannie Mae protesters01.29.13


NOT GUILTY: Stein, Honkala, Fannie Mae protesters


Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala,, were found not guilty by a Philadelphia judge on January 25 on charges stemming from their participation in a housing rights protest at Fannie Mae’s regional offices. The two women were the Green Party’s 2012 presidential and vice presidential nominees.

In August 2012, Stein and Honkala, along with 50 other protesters, attempted to escort foreclosed families into Fannie Mae to demand policies that, according to Honkala, would, “keep families in their homes.” The two women were arrested during the protest, along with three others, and spent nearly 24 hours in jail. (more…)

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Green Party Endorses Moratorium on Public School Closings01.22.13

(Philadelphia, January 16, 2013) The Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP, has endorsed a one-year moratorium on the closing of any public school in Philadelphia. The Green Party effort comes in response to a radical proposal by the appointed School Reform Commission (SRC) to close 37 public schools at the end of this school year.

Erin Worrell, a member of the Green Party’s City Committee explained, “Closing schools — in the guise of balancing budgets — steals from the future of Philadelphia and its children. A moratorium will allow time to explore real budget reforms that don’t come at the expense of students and teachers in poor neighborhoods.” (more…)

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Green Party Joins Americans Against Fracking01.07.13

The Green Party of Philadelphia,, has joined Americans Against Fracking, a new national coalition. Chris Robinson, a member of the Green Party City Committee, made this announcement on January 2, saying, “The Green Party is glad that there is finally a national organization calling for a complete ban on fracking for gas.”

Americans Against Fracking,, is a coalition of more than 150 environmental organizations. They oppose fracking because it is a direct and immediate threat to the drinking water, air, climate, food, health and economies of communities across the United States. The advisory board of Americans Against Fracking includes film writer/director Josh Fox, alternative rock singer/lyricist Natalie Merchant, Oscar-nominated actor Mark Ruffalo, and environmentalist/author Dr. Sandra Steingraber. (more…)

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Jill Stein Arrested10.31.12


Jill Stein Arrested for Delivering Food and Supplies to

Climate Activists Opposing Texas Keystone XL Pipeline

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein,, was handcuffed and arrested on October 31 after bringing food and supplies to a coalition of climate justice activists, known as the “Tar Sands Blockade,” who are attempting to stop the Keystone XL pipeline in Texas. She is currently at Wood County Jail awaiting processing.

“Everyone needs to step up resistance to climate-killing emissions,” said Stein, who was willing to risk arrest in order to show solidarity for this blockade. “Romney and Obama are only talking about the symptoms of climate change in terms of destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy; the blockaders are addressing the cause.” (more…)

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Greens Oppose Sale of PGW06.19.12

Greens Stand Against Sale of Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW)

The City Committee of the Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP, has taken a firm stand against the sale of Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW). Green Party leaders say that Mayor Michael Nutter has failed to make his case in favor of selling PGW to the highest bidder. (more…)

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Conservative Pols Promote a Medical Massacre of Women06.04.12



Carol McLean, 215-243-7103 and

The Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP, demands an end to the political pandering and malicious assaults on women’s reproductive services in our state.

Right-wing Pennsylvanian lawmakers continue to attack poor and low-income people. This time, 35 conservative Representatives are going after women by sponsoring House Bill 2405. Misleadingly titled the Whole Woman’s Health Funding Priorities Act, this bill proposes to stop state funding from going to providers of women’s health care services, such as Planned Parenthood, if they also perform abortions.

Their motives became crystal clear when one of the sponsors told the press that “the taxpayer funds [Planned Parenthood clinics] receive are essentially used to fund and create a public relations image of health and wellness while their main mission is the death of children through abortion.” The reality is that there already is a ban in place so that no state or federal funding can go to abortion services. Essentially, HB 2405 has nothing to do with abortion. (more…)

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